Mercedes 124 technical specifications - overview and design features of the body, engine range, gearbox 2

Mercedes 124 technical specifications – overview and design features of the body, engine range, gearbox

Technical characteristics of the Mercedes 124 – recommendations for the selection and maintenance of a car Mercedes 124

Mercedes 124 technical specifications - overview and design features of the body, engine range, gearbox 3

Mercedes 124 Overview, Service and Specifications

The debut of Mercedes cars in the 124th body took place in 1984, its characteristic feature was minimalism in the exterior decoration, represented by a “lonely” janitor and a characteristic “hewn” luggage compartment. For a long time after the release of the 124th, conservative fans of German cars scolded and did not recognize the new body created by designer Bruno Sacco, but with time he even fell in love with him and when the new body came out in 1995, many true fans immediately appeared who did not want to change 124 Mercedes station wagon, sedan, convertible and coupe for the new model. And today, after all these years, the 124th Mercedes does not look obsolete.

Specifications Mercedes 124 received excellent, as befits such a legendary and eminent brand. If the suspension is working, then on the go this car is above all praise. The suspension is soft and easily absorbs small bumps in the roadway, and reacts to large bumps more noticeably. A given direct car Mercedes 124 station wagon holds well, and responds to steering turns clearly and smoothly. The 124th front suspension is represented by MacPherson struts, where on each side there is one ball bearing. As for the rear suspension, it is multi-link and it costs significantly more to maintain, so if you constantly drive this car on bad roads, the owner will have to sort through the suspension every year.

Good technical characteristics of the 124th Mercedes are emphasized by impeccable brakes: excellent drive information and high efficiency allow you to clearly calculate the braking distance. The only drawback is the ABS system, which works somewhat rudely and has been installed regularly since 1987.

The engine range for the 124th body was offered varied, and there were no bad engines. Great fame and popularity at the time received Mercedes 124 diesel. The entire line of diesel engines at the time of the release of the 124th body was considered the best, the engines significantly exceeded the competitors’ engines in reliability and power. The main secret of their longevity is good fuel equipment. The fact is that Mercedes 124 diesel engines received in-line classic fuel pumps, which were distinguished by good durability and reliability. But in comparison with them, gasoline power units do not show any special miracles of reliability, however, their overhaul costs as much as it does for other foreign cars. As for diesel engines, they can go up to a million kilometers with proper care.

Gearbox on Mercedes 124 cars: automatic or mechanic gearbox. Until 1992, cars were mainly equipped with four-speed manual transmissions, which have a lot of levers, rods and bushings in the drive structure, which tend to wear out over time. By the way, it is impossible to pour regular grease into the “mechanics”, since it requires special ATF oil, which is used by the automatic transmission Mercedes 124.

As for the Mercedes 124 automatic transmission, such units were designed and created by designers and engineers of the Mercedes concern, they tend to switch speeds slowly, but they do it without jerks (of course, in good condition). According to mechanics, the more powerful the engine is installed, the higher the likelihood that the automatic transmission of the Mercedes 124 will fail, and its repair is quite expensive.

When buying an old Mercedes, you need to check it by the VIN code. The fact is that many owners of such vehicles, especially in Germany, change the appearance with the help of the trunk and hood covers, lighting equipment and bumpers in order to refresh the exterior, but when they sell it later they will give the 124th for the E-class. Therefore, if in doubt, be sure to check the VIN code at authorized dealers.


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Tips for selling a Mercedes Gelandewagen at the highest possible price 9

Tips for selling a Mercedes Gelandewagen at the highest possible price

Features of the sale of a used Mercedes Gelendvagen

Tips for selling a Mercedes Gelandewagen at the highest possible price 10

Today, the modern car market offers a lot of cars that will forever remain in history. However, more important is the fact that some automakers create this very story. These include the famous German concern Mercedes-Benz, which at one time released a unique G-Class model, which was also called the “cube” or Gelandewagen. In a literal translation, the name of the model Gelandewagen is translated as “SUV” and “off-road vehicle”.

The outstanding characteristics of this car are so overwhelming, and its wear resistance and durability, unpretentiousness in the care can not reduce the demand for these cars. therefore Mercedes Gelendvagen sales still high. Only these used models are offered..

Should stop in more detail, as possible sell Mercedes Gelendvagen more expensive. To do this, the current car owner has to go through several stages of preparation, which are important for Mercedes Gelendvagen sales bu at the best price.

First of all, you need to rid the body of traces of an accident, if any. However, this includes straightening of any dents, chips and other defects. Selling Mercedes Gelendvagen bu at a bargain price is possible if the buyer is satisfied with the quality of the factory welds, since they allow judging about the scrapes that the car has visited.

Corrosion May Lower Price selling Mercedes Gelendvagen with mileage 5-7% but this is not the limit. Therefore before Mercedes-Benz Gelendvagen for sale should by any means overcome any manifestations of an insidious “ailment.” Paint should be almost perfect..

Selling Mercedes Gelandewagen with mileage at a bargain price is possible if the engine is first brought to a confident working condition. The unit must start without any vagaries. Indeed, noise, smoke and tapping can not only lower the estimated cost of a car, but also significantly delay time sales of Mercedes Gelandewagen. There are several special additives that will improve the performance of the motor, although this is not fair to the buyer.

Let the oil leak, but it is better to replace the candles to demonstrate the smooth operation of the engine at idle. The performance of the cooling system should not be satisfactory, and the wiring should not be uninterrupted.


Mercedes S-Class Sedan 16

Mercedes S-Class Sedan

Mercedes S-Class Sedan

Mercedes S-Class Sedan 17

Last year, our country’s showrooms began selling an updated version of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan. In the production of this car, aluminum alloys are widely used. Thanks to this, it was possible to reduce the mass of the car by more than a centner, the level of body rigidity increased. Compared with previous versions, the Mercedes S-class has increased in size, the head optics have become more attractive due to LED, curved elements, the brake lights have decreased in size. Consider what other changes have occurred with the specified sedan after restyling.

Features of interior equipment

The interior of the Mercedes S-Class is decorated luxuriously, presentably, creates a feeling of coziness, comfort. When buying a car, you can choose five options for installing rear seats. For example, you can install chairs with heated armrests, with massage function, with additional adjustments.

Above the dashboard is a long visor that extends to the center console. Among the many controls, the 12-inch monitor of the information system is noteworthy. In the basic configuration, the sedan is equipped with a Burmaster audio system, which can be controlled by everyone in the cabin. A refrigerator is provided for passengers, cup holders built into the armrest in which you can warm up, or, conversely, cool drinks.

Powertrain specifications, safety features

The Mercedes S-Class is equipped with fuel efficient engines. At the same time, fuel efficiency did not negatively affect the power of the motors. So the 455-horsepower base motor is able to accelerate the car to hundreds in 4.8 seconds. A diesel 258-horsepower engine accelerates to hundreds in 6.8 seconds. In addition to traditional powertrains, the Mercedes S-class is equipped with a 306-horsepower hybrid engine accelerating the car in 7.2 seconds.

For the safety of the driver and passenger of the car in question, a set of equipment is responsible, among which the following should be noted. Seat belts are equipped with a compact airbag. In an accident, it increases the area of ​​contact between the body and the belt, and thus the risk of injury is reduced to almost zero. The rear seats are provided with an Air-bag system. It will not allow the seat belt to slip if the passenger falls asleep in a reclining position.


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Sale of used Mercedes cars - the rules and features of the independent sale of Mercedes cars 23

Sale of used Mercedes cars – the rules and features of the independent sale of Mercedes cars

Used Mercedes cars for sale – tips and tricks for selling Mercedes cars

Sale of used Mercedes cars - the rules and features of the independent sale of Mercedes cars 24

Self-sale of used Mercedes cars – rules and tips

When a car enthusiast decides that an independent sale of a used Mercedes for him is the best option for him, he needs to realize that he will have to approach this issue with all responsibility, taking into account absolutely all the disadvantages and advantages of this process.

In order for the sale of used Mercedes cars to be successful, first of all, it is necessary to inform as many potential buyers as possible about their desire to sell the car, that is, take care of its advertising, as well as prepare the car for sale, remove it from the register, communicate with potential buyers and etc.

So, we have already decided that the sale of used Mercedes cars in the first place provides for good advertising. The simplest and at the same time effective version of advertising are ads placed on specialized bulletin boards on the Internet. Before placing your offer, you will have to choose the most popular sites that will provide the ad with the most views. Qualitative photos of cars will help sell used Mercedes-Benz cars faster with the help of ads, analysts say that they increase the chances of a sale by 70%. That is why you should not be lazy once again, and before submitting ads, be sure to photograph your car. Most online services offer visitors to submit private ads for free..

To quickly sell used Mercedes cars, in addition to online resources, you can use magazines and newspaper ads to submit ads. Such publications, as a rule, offer to publish ads not too expensive, but at the same time significantly increase the likelihood of selling.

Successful sale of Mercedes cars also involves the implementation of high-quality pre-sale preparation, which always increases the likelihood of selling a vehicle at an affordable price. That is why you should definitely wash the car, clean its interior and carry out redecoration. You can also take the vehicle to the service station to eliminate creaking upholstery in the passenger compartment, adjust the engine, etc..

So, suppose that you have already done all of the above, so the first potential buyer has appeared. Those people who are serious about buying may ask to go to the service station for diagnosis. Of course, it is impossible to refuse in such cases, so you have to spend at least half a day on the buyer, and this is either a spoiled day off or lost money, if it comes to the working day.

Also, you do not need to count on the fact that you can sell a Mercedes car to the first caller. It is necessary to prepare for the fact that potential buyers will have to drive and show their car for a very long time.

When the buyer is found, you can remove the car from the register in the traffic police. However, if the buyer and seller are from the same region, you can sell a Mercedes with mileage with numbers, in which case you do not have to remove it from the register. To remove the vehicle from the register, you will have to prepare the following package of documents: a motor third-party liability insurance policy, a passport for cars with photocopies, an identification code with photocopies, the original passport with photocopies, state numbers and the original power of attorney, if the car was purchased by proxy.

The sale of a used Mercedes or any other car ends with the notarization of the transaction. Today, there are two options for this design: a reference account and a notarized purchase contract. As a rule, both parties decide which option to choose..

If the seller decided to sell the used Mercedes on his own, then he will not have to pay intermediaries, which means that you can earn more money from the sale. Well, as for the shortcomings, then they include the risk of getting into swindlers, the need to engage in car advertising, meet with potential buyers, and remove the car from the register. Also, do not forget that the procedure for selling a vehicle risks being delayed for an indefinite period..


Mercedes Vito for sale - profitable and quick sale options for Mercedes Vito 30

Mercedes Vito for sale – profitable and quick sale options for Mercedes Vito

Mercedes vito for sale – used Mercedes vito auto sales tips

Mercedes Vito for sale - profitable and quick sale options for Mercedes Vito 31

Favorable sale of Mercedes Vito with mileage

The sale of used Mercedes Vito cars, as well as other expensive things from a motorist, requires some preparation, repair and putting the car in order. Indeed, only using this approach, the sale of used Mercedes Vito cars will be profitable and fast.

If you decide to sell a used Mercedes Vito car, you should know that first of all you can use the services of various car dealerships that accept cars for commission. This option will save the car owner from many problems, besides saving time, but in this case it is no longer necessary to count on getting the maximum nailed.

If you are looking for benefits, then your option is to sell Mercedes Vito cars on the market. Today, the car market, despite the popularity of the Internet, continues to be a popular place to buy and sell used vehicles, only to sell a car in such a place will have to set an affordable price for it and regularly go to the market.

Recently, the sale of Mercedes Vito through the Internet and various print media has become increasingly popular. To take advantage of this sale option you will have to make an interesting ad with the headline “Sell Mercedes Vito” or something like that. If you need to quickly and profitably sell Mercedes-Benz Vito then it is better to publish ads on popular bulletin boards on the Internet, which can be done even without leaving home. This sale of used Mercedes Vito cars with mileage allows you to save time, post detailed information about the vehicle being sold, back up text with photographs and indicate your contacts so that potential buyers can quickly contact the seller.

There is another way to sell used Mercedes Vito cars – use the auto purchase service. This option is more suitable for those car owners for whom the main thing is time, that is, for those who need to urgently sell a car. The disadvantage here is the low price, as a rule, it is 10-15% lower than the average market price. It’s not difficult to find a car dealership company now, because they are widespread, and the main reason for this is the great demand for used cars among car enthusiasts due to low prices for used cars.

Those motorists who plan to buy a used Mercedes-Benz Vito with mileage should be told that this should not be done in unverified places, that is, bought in the car market from private hands or in unverified companies, as cars may be unusable, broken, stolen or with stolen spare parts. When deciding to buy a used vehicle, always be vigilant.


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