Chevrolet niva with opel engine - description and features 2

Chevrolet niva with opel engine – description and features

Chevrolet Niva with an opel engine – an overview of the new engine and the benefits of a diesel Niva

Chevrolet niva with opel engine - description and features 3

What is the difference between a Chevrolet Niva and an Opel engine

The saying, which says that there should be a lot of a good person, can be applied to cars. Well, if the manufacturer is unable to take the quantity, then you have to lean on the assortment. That is exactly what the creators of the joint production of GM-AvtoVAZ decided to do and released the Chevrolet Niva car with a new engine and a modified transmission. It is worth noting that this new model is an all-terrain vehicle with rich equipment, which was mainly focused on the Western European market and its production was established in parallel with the standard Niva model.

One of the most important changes in the novelty was the fact that a Chevrolet Niva car with an Opel engine began to be produced. This is the Z18XE 16-valve powertrain of the FAM-1 series, its working volume is 1.8 liters and its maximum power is 125 hp. Thanks to these technical characteristics, the new Chevrolet Niva with an Opel engine can accelerate from zero to 100 km / h in 12 seconds, while its maximum speed is 170 km / h. This power unit was originally designed for the front-wheel drive car Opel Astra.

The new Chevrolet Niva engine is quite short, but too wide and it is precisely because of this excessive width that some difficulties have arisen related to its location in the engine compartment. Designers were forced to adjust and remake a lot. For example, they had to work on the mounting points of the engine mount, as they are located asymmetrically at the imported unit. I had to make a special oil pan because the regular one does not dock with the front axle gearbox. Manufacturers had to take into account the specific conditions of use of this SUV, for example, they were forced to change the design of the intake of the oil pump and make a special well that could provide the necessary oil supply for large rolls of the machine.

In addition to the imported motor, the Niva Chevrolet SUV with a diesel engine is of particular interest to motorists, because all fans of conquering off-road are well aware that a diesel motor is the best purchase for this category of cars.

The diesel engine from the Italian company FNM on the Chevrolet Niva began to be installed in 2007. Its undoubted advantage was the low fuel consumption, which in mixed mode is only 7.5 liters per 100 km, although a fuel tank of 58 liters is not enough for such a car. But a Chevrolet Niva with a diesel engine has other advantages that more than compensate for this minus, for example, high traction at initial speeds with which the car is able to overcome even the most difficult sections of roads.

In order for Niva engines to work properly and reliably, they need to be serviced in a timely manner. For example, timely pour new oil into the Chevrolet Niva engine, this must be done after 15 thousand km or every six months. Moreover, buying lubricant for the engine does not need to be stingy, you should choose only good oil and preferably synthetic. The fact is that today almost no one pours mineral oil into the Chevrolet Niva engine due to its meager characteristics and poor quality of lubrication of parts of the power unit. As for synthetics, it is more preferable because of all kinds of additives that are part of the oil and increase engine life, as well as due to the fact that in winter at sub-zero temperatures such oil does not freeze, which reduces the risk of wear of elements of the piston group and makes cold start less dangerous.


Private ads for used Opel Astra 9

Private ads for used Opel Astra

Used Opel Astra private ads spread?

Private ads for used Opel Astra 10

It’s not so difficult to buy a used car, but the whole point is to find a suitable car not only by technical characteristics, but also by value category. Quite often, people cannot afford to buy a new car from the passenger compartment, which is why quite often their choice applies specifically to used cars, that is, a used or used car.

A car that is still quite active in the market for used cars is the Opel Astra. Classifieds Opel Astra, a car sold by a private person is a frequent occurrence. Since this car, both new and used, is valued quite highly, thanks to its exceptional quality and positive characteristics, private announcements are so common. About used cars Opel Astra private ads most often appear precisely in newspapers and on car portals, that is, on car sites on which cars are sold. Many owners sell the car in good condition and at a fairly low price, because funds are urgently needed, and not because the car is in poor condition. Private ads are best viewed on auto sites precisely because you can immediately evaluate the type of car, as most often Internet ads are uploaded with photos so that users of this car portal can take a closer look at the proposed car.

Classifieds about cars Opel Astra can also be found in numerous newspapers that have headings with cars, for example, used Opel Astra private ads. Using such newspapers is quite convenient, because you can immediately find all the ads in the newspaper about this particular car. However, it’s still quite difficult to call up and travel to all owners, so most people who are used to using the Internet and a computer in these matters prefer car portals.


DIY tuning an Opel Cadet - external, internal and technical tuning, the history of the creation of an Opel Cadet hatchback and an Opel Cadet diesel 16

DIY tuning an Opel Cadet – external, internal and technical tuning, the history of the creation of an Opel Cadet hatchback and an Opel Cadet diesel

Do-it-yourself tuning an opel cadet – tuning tips from experts

DIY tuning an Opel Cadet - external, internal and technical tuning, the history of the creation of an Opel Cadet hatchback and an Opel Cadet diesel 17

DIY tuning for an Opel Cadet car

The very first cars Opel Cadet hatchback and sedan were released in 1936. It is worth saying that this particular vehicle was the first car equipped with a 23 hp engine, with it the Cadet accelerated to 83 km / h, then such technical characteristics were considered outstanding and innovative. But in wartime, the manufacturer had to stop producing the Opel Cadet sedan and hatchback, however, over time, their release was again established.

A completely new Cadet model was released in 1962, this generation was produced with the index “A”. A big plus was the fact that the Opel Cadet diesel appeared in the model line. New cars significantly exceeded their predecessors in power, technical parameters and design. After that, the model began to be updated regularly, new models appeared, and the diesel Opel Cadet became even more economical.

Today, the car Opel Cadet is one of the most durable and high-quality modern vehicles. But for many owners this is not enough and they are trying to make this car even more unique and original in order to differ in the flow of cars. Every car owner today has the opportunity to do their own tuning Opel Cadet, and regardless of the complexity of the operations themselves.

It is best to start improving your car from the passenger compartment. It is preferable to divide such a tuning into several stages and first sheathe the interior of the car with genuine leather or any other material, emphasizing the style and luxury of the car. Good noise insulation will also be mandatory, since noise always negatively affects the comfort of passengers and the driver, causing rapid fatigue.

The instrument panel in the cabin is desirable to change to a more modern and functional. A good multimedia system should not become superfluous. The steering wheel can be replaced with a sports one or at least covered with leather.

After completing salon tuning Opel Cadet do it yourself, you can proceed to external tuning. At the very beginning, you can update the body with a variety of plastic and carbon pads and fenders. With the help of such operations, the appearance of the vehicle will become more athletic. Then you can install new wheels. An important element of the exterior of the Cadet is also considered optics, with its help you can significantly transform the appearance of any machine. Today you can find headlights of even the most interesting shapes and almost any power. Also, a good addition can be considered and lighting “angel eyes”, which is considered a decor and does not affect the quality of lighting, while it looks very stylish.

And although the Cadet has quite normal technical specifications, many car owners do not have enough of them, so they decide to do the technical tuning of the Opel Cadet sedan. Most car owners primarily want to increase the power of the engine, this can be done using chip tuning or by flashing the computer. It will be necessary to carry out chip tuning of the engine in case of improvement of other critical parameters of the machine.

In conclusion, it can be noted that the tuning of the Opel Cadet sedan is quite possible to do on their own, because every motorist who has at least some idea of ​​cars can do it, unless of course technical operations are necessary.


Tuning Opel Corsa - technical specifications, ground clearance, wheels, dimensions, equipment 23

Tuning Opel Corsa – technical specifications, ground clearance, wheels, dimensions, equipment

Tuning Opel Corsa – description, review

Tuning Opel Corsa - technical specifications, ground clearance, wheels, dimensions, equipment 24

Overview, technical specifications and tuning the car Opel Corsa

One of the leaders in the modern car market in terms of car sales in segment B is the Opel Corsa car. In the Russian car market, customers are offered four options for Opel Corsa: Essentia, Enjoy, Color Edition, Cosmo. The basic equipment of the Opel Corsa – Essentia includes air conditioning, electric power steering, central locking, electric mirrors and two frontal airbags.

Corsa is available in a three-door and five-door hatchback body, both versions being equally demanded and popular, possibly influenced by the fact that the dimensions of the Opel Corsa in both versions got the same: width with mirrors – 1944 mm, length – 3999 mm, height – 1488 mm with a wheelbase of 2511 mm. The only difference in size can be observed in the width of the body with folded mirrors: the dimensions of an Opel Corsa car in a three-door body are 1713 mm, and in a five-door version – 1737 mm. The ground clearance of the Opel Corsa is 140 mm, which is pretty good, because many small cars have less. But nevertheless, the clearance of the Opel Corsa does not like borders, it is better not to call them.

Disks on the Opel Corsa can be installed different depending on the configuration. Regularly, the car is equipped with 14-inch wheels, while in different trim levels their radius can increase, and optionally manufacturers offer wheels on OpelCorsa with a radius of 17 inches.

Kors can be driven by engines of different sizes, a 1-liter engine is installed regularly, in the top version – 1.4-liter, power can range from 65 to 101 hp Transmission for Opel Corsa: automatic (4-speed), mechanics (5-speed). Both gearboxes give approximately the same acceleration dynamics, only the machine on the Opel Corsa is not installed as standard, that is, such versions are more expensive.

Those owners who are not satisfied with the appearance of Corsa or its technical characteristics can correct the situation by tuning Opel Corsa. Tuning is a modernization of the vehicle in order to improve technical characteristics and make it unique. Tuning an Opel Corsa car can include upgrading almost all parts of the car from body painting to engine modifications and suspension.


Tuning Opel Astra H - technical specifications, clearance, options, head units 30

Tuning Opel Astra H – technical specifications, clearance, options, head units

Tuning opel astra h – options for external tuning, changing the grille, discs, aerodynamic components

Tuning Opel Astra H - technical specifications, clearance, options, head units 31

Specifications and tuning the car Opel Astra H

The car Opel Astra H belongs to the segment of budget cars and is particularly in demand among motorists due to its excellent performance and affordable price. But no matter how good the car is, over time it still starts to bother and it needs some kind of modernization – tuning Opel Astra H. But in order to achieve good results and bring personality you need to carry out the “correct” tuning of the Opel Astra H car.

Usually, owners try to upgrade these cars with the help of external tuning, which includes only updating the external characteristics. You can even transform the exterior by installing new stylish disks, but if you install good front and rear protection, side sills, then the car will be updated beyond recognition. But if you want to get the finished look of your “iron horse”, then evaluate how much the radiator grill fits into the exterior of the Opel Astra N. This element is designed to protect cars from temperature extremes and the ingress of foreign objects while riding. It is the grille on the Opel Astra H that is one of the main elements that allow you to give the car an individuality and a certain style. To make the machine visually powerful, it is necessary to use grilles made of chrome materials or any other durable material with a specific logo. Coarse mesh grills are used to give the car a more expressive look.

For many car owners, the clearance of the Opel Astra H is of great importance, since we have far from ideal roads, and in general, owners like to get out on a weekend with their whole family to nature. Manufacturers do not disclose the exact parameters of the height of the Astra ride height, but the experts who carried out the measurements claim that the Opel Astra H clearance is 16-18 cm, although it can drop to 13-14 cm when fully loaded. To create a clearance, experts advise installing a Nivomat suspension “, Which makes the ground clearance unchanged or install Kevlar protection on the motor close to the crankcase.

All complete sets of Opel Astra H, proposed by the manufacturer, satisfy the potential buyer, so in many cases the installation of tuning equipment is not required. The creators complete Astra with side and front full-size airbags, a special pedal assembly that comes unfastened during impacts. The basic equipment of the Opel Astra N includes an electric power amplifier, a display, front electric windows, an ABS system, airbags.

Head Unit Opel Astra H can be of different types. The most rare is the CC20 radio tape recorder, it is a cassette recorder. In simple trim levels, Astra was equipped with a CD30 radio with adjustable low and high frequencies, as well as an equalizer. A more advanced version of such a radio can support MP3 format. Another very popular head unit is the Opel Astra N CDC40 Opera, it received a six-disc CD changer, a full equalizer and powerful speakers, and versions released since 2008 also support MP3 format. The CD50 radio has a built-in CD and radio phone, but it can be attributed to tuning equipment, since it was not supplied to domestic markets. The radio CD70 Navi has a similar audio component, and its navigation part received a built-in gyroscope, an additional CD drive, and a GPS receiver. Well, the last head unit for Astra is DVD90 Navi, which has been supplied to our markets since 2008.