Honda Civic Type-R FN2 2

Honda Civic Type-R FN2

Honda Civic Type-R FN2

Honda Civic Type-R FN2

The appearance of the fastest Civic, undoubtedly, will not go unnoticed. A wedge-shaped body, 18-inch wheels, an aggressive optics section and a rear spoiler create the image of a spectacular hatchback with a claim to style. On such a car it will not be a shame to appear both at a business meeting and in a night club.

The interior also has a wide range of design ideas. An asymmetric instrument panel flaunts dividing the instruments into two levels: on the first there is a tachometer, the red zone of which starts at eight thousand revolutions per minute, and the second “shelf” displays information on the digital speedometer, an indication of the maximum engine speed (including Vtec indication) and data with multimedia display system, and dual-zone climate control.

Recaro sports bucket seats with TypeR embroidery have an excellent profile, moderately tough and with developed lateral support. The rear passenger row, if necessary, will host two people of average physique and a teenage child. The luggage compartment has 420 liters of usable space, but if you fold the backs of the rear seats, you can even easily sleep for one person, because the floor is level.

The atmospheric motor is highly accelerated and highly revolving. With two liters of volume and four cylinders in a row, the power output is 201 horsepower and 193 Newtono-meters of torque. Acceleration to the first hundred takes 6.6 seconds and the “maximum speed” – 235 km / h.

At low speeds – no revelations. Surprises start after 5500 rpm – when the Vtec system turns on. It is at this moment that a powerful grab occurs, which presses into the seat, and the engine switches to hysterical high notes in sound like a sports bike – the whole process lasts until the cutoff is at 8300 rpm, and after that the hard cutoff limiter is triggered.

The six-speed manual transmission is characterized by short strokes and high clarity of switching. The clutch pedal also has a short stroke, and is squeezed with a certain amount of effort.

Manageability is ambiguous. On the one hand, Civic impresses with the nervous reactions of the steering wheel, which is very impressive with active driving. And on the other hand, at the limit, the car shows a pronounced understeer, sliding out of the curve with the front of the body. Obviously, the whole thing is in the design of the rear suspension, the basis of which is a semi-independent beam.

Honda Civic Type-R in the back of the FN2 is a mood car. It is unlikely to be enjoyable in everyday use due to the very stiff suspension, unusual characteristics of the motor and “nervous” handling. However, as a car for a track day, it fits perfectly.


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