Which is better: electric car or ICE car 2

Which is better: electric car or ICE car

Which is better: electric car or ICE car

Why you need to think ten times before transferring to an electric car.

Here it is, the revolution! Already about a million electric vehicles travel on the roads of our planet. They are bought not only by enthusiasts and champions of clean ecology, but also ordinary car owners who are tired of overpaying for expensive fuel. Be it gasoline or diesel. In Ukraine, there are not so many owners of electric cars yet: according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, at the beginning of 2016, slightly more than 560 cars with electric engines were registered. Part of the matter is the high cost of such a purchase. For example, the cost of the most popular electric car, Nissan Leaf, starts at 450 thousand UAH. For this money, if you work hard, you can buy a full-fledged sedan or hatchback, and even a small crossover. However, in many respects, from the mass transition to electric cars, they are hampered by their shortcomings, which are not customary to speak out loud so as not to undermine the authority of an environmentally friendly future .

Where is the outlet ?

“Catch a turtle” – that’s what the owners of electric cars call the situation when their car’s batteries are completely discharged and there is no charging source nearby. The small power reserve is indeed the main problem of all electric vehicles. Most cars on one charge travels no more than 200 – 220 km. Unless Tesla achieved the best results – up to 400 – 450 km. That is why you have to constantly calculate how many more batteries are stretched, and whether you urgently need to look for a socket. Moreover, the mileage from one charge “according to the passport”, as a rule, is 30 – 40% higher than the real one. Why? Yes, everything is simple: the stove, air conditioning, headlights, radio and even frosty weather outside the window eat up the battery reserves. And they discharge much faster. By the way, dashing riding gives the same effect .

Which is better: electric car or ICE car 3

Let me connect

Where to “refuel” is also a sore point. There are more and more charging stations for electric cars, and throughout Ukraine there are already a couple of hundred. But they are concentrated mainly in large cities (Kiev, Lviv, Odessa) and along key nodal routes, which complicates traveling over long distances, especially somewhere in the outback. Yes, from the owners of electric vehicles heard marvelous stories about how easy it is to charge car batteries by connecting to a conventional outlet. But there is also a catch: the charge speed, as well as the “buildup” of batteries, very much depends on the power of the mains. And household 3 – 5 kW may simply not be enough. Therefore, do not be surprised if overnight the batteries connected to the network instead of the promised 100% show only 40 – 50%.


Which is better: replacing gum or buying new "wipers" 8

Which is better: replacing gum or buying new “wipers”

Which is better: replacing gum or buying new “wipers”

After contemplating the stains on the windshield, many car owners had the thought of replacing the rubber components of the wipers, rather than buying new wipers.

The advantages are obvious: rubber bands are much cheaper than the whole part. But how rational is this decision? And is it worth paying more for new cleanliness accessories?
The obvious saving of money when buying gum is clear to everyone, but the disadvantages are not so obvious. But they, unfortunately, are.

The main negative point lies in the fact that it’s not so easy to pick up gum from stores of high-quality material that will last not a month, but at least a season. It should be noted that the composite for different types of brushes should be different.

Replacement of gums is supposed only at frame wipers. For hybrid and frameless wipers, this procedure, due to the design features of the wipers, is quite problematic and, basically, is not provided by the manufacturer.

Which is better: replacing gum or buying new "wipers" 9

Specialists at the service station recommend changing the rubber components of the janitor no more than two times, after which you still have to buy new wiper blades. Such tips are based on the fact that over time, articulated joints in brush designs wear out and even a new rubber band does not adhere well to the glass. As a result, after replacing the rubber “consumables” you will not notice almost any effect from the work of the wipers.

And one more important nuance: There are several varieties and profiles of elastic bands. Therefore, they are often not interchangeable. And if you decide to still save, then contact the car shop with a worn part.

So to summarize.

When replacing rubber bands on old wipers, there is one, but a significant plus – a one-time saving of money. The disadvantages of this option are less significant at first glance, but are able to cross out the meaning of buying supplies. The profile online store selling JANITORS recommends carefully weighing the pros and cons. As the store’s specialists noted, with a low intensity of travel, it is enough to change the wipers once a year. Well, then the decision is yours, because no one has canceled the freedom of choice.


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Audi A3 Sportback hatchback - the car with which your dreams will come true 14

Audi A3 Sportback hatchback – the car with which your dreams will come true

Audi A3 Sportback hatchback – the car with which your dreams will come true

Audi A3 Sportback hatchback - the car with which your dreams will come true 15

Every car enthusiast wants to buy a car in which he will like everything – a comfortable interior, a powerful, dynamic engine that draws attention to the appearance of the body, useful electronic options. But, as a rule, we are forced to limit ourselves in our desires and when choosing a car we take into account the opinions of family members, financial capabilities and many other factors. As a result, many motorists buy cars that do not fully meet their requirements. But, from this position there is an excellent way out – Audi A3 Sportback hatchback.

A salon that will appeal to the whole family

Ergonomics A3 Sportback is at a very high level. When you land in the car, you feel that you are surrounded by a vast space. The rear row of seats is designed for three people and is equipped with ISOFIX mounts for a child seat. Moreover, the space between the rows of seats is so much that the child sitting in the chair is guaranteed to not stain the backs of the front seats.

The dashboard is designed in a minimalist style, all the necessary controls are at hand, and control devices are in front of the eyes. The sports steering wheel sensitively and easily responds to the slightest movements of the driver, fits comfortably in the palms of your hands. On the steering wheel, you can install additional control keys, for example, a multimedia system.

The center console is wide, turned towards the driver. This creates the feeling that you are not sitting in the passenger compartment of a car, but in the cockpit of a modern fighter. Thus, we can conclude that in the cabin A3 Sportback will be comfortable for everyone – both the driver and passengers.

Features of the optional, technical equipment of the hatchback

As standard, the A3 Sportback is equipped with a 1.2-liter gasoline engine. It may seem to you that such a power unit will not be enough, especially for a car that has a Sportback prefix in its name. But, do not forget that the model in question weighs only 1275 kg, so the capacity is 110 liters. from. will be more than enough to show excellent driving dynamics on city roads. Up to a hundred A3 Sportback accelerates in less than ten seconds, and thanks to the start-stop function, the fuel consumption in the city is no more than five liters. The specified power unit is paired with an automatic transmission S tronic, which is provided with a function of manual gear shifting.


Whether to put HBO on a car and which 21

Whether to put HBO on a car and which

Whether to put HBO on a car and which

Whether to put HBO on a car and which one. Generational Fight.

As if gasoline is not cheaper, it will always be more expensive than gas … and much

Consider all the advantages and disadvantages of installing HBO:

1 . Cost . Estimated cost of gas equipment ranges from 200 US dollars for Turkish (or made for Turkish) and up to 400 – 500 dollars for Italian samples. Yes, the difference is significant, but remember that saving on installation, you will spend on maintenance, cleaning and. t d. Therefore, it is better to take a better product and so that, if possible, the master or seller will show you the design features of the units, the main and problem of which is the gas gear .

It is the successful design and quality of processing of parts that reduces the number of cleanings from sulfur deposits and ensures uninterrupted operation of the engine. On average, the installation of HBO pays off after about 15 – 20 thousand. km (depending on cost)


Hidden features of the "machine", which no one can use 26

Hidden features of the “machine”, which no one can use

Hidden features of the “machine”, which no one can use

Immediately make a reservation that in this material under the term “automatic transmission” we, like most automakers in recent years, will have in mind both the classic torque converter gearbox and the robotic “box”, since their design implies the presence of “steps”. There is no point in talking about the variator in this context, although most of them allow the driver to switch virtual “transmissions”, which are actually absent in this mechanism.

Most often, the “manual gear shift” in an automatic gearbox is perceived by the driver and is positioned by the automaker as a purely “sports” option. Like, with the help of forced control of the “box” the active driver will be able to better reveal the racing potential of the car and will be able to “do” all the neighbors in the stream. In fact, paddle shifters, or the ability to shift gears in an automatic transmission by shaking the joystick of the automatic gearbox selector, are not useful for this reason at all. But only if you know how to apply them.

If you drop the “racing” advertising husk and think a little, you will definitely remember several situations at once in which the driver is better at shifting gears than the electronic “brains” of the car. For example, when you are going to get from the adjacent road to the highway. Cars rush along it at a much greater speed than those entering. And therefore, the task of the driver of a car pouring into the main stream is to accelerate as quickly as possible.

The quicker he does this, the less likely it is to crash into him vehicles already moving along the highway. And in this situation, the transition to manual transmission control is justified. So the driver can force the gearbox to work in low gear at high engine speeds, providing more vibrant dynamics of his car. Although at the expense of efficiency, which is mainly baked on by modern automobile “brains”.

Hidden features of the "machine", which no one can use 27

The same arguments for the transition to manual control of the “automatic” can well be cited if necessary, vigorous overtaking ahead of the transport ahead on a narrow road.

Another situation in which manual control can be the best alternative to the “automatic” one is a really slippery winter road or viscous impassability or loose sand under the wheels. In such conditions, if at some point the gearbox decides to switch to a higher gear, this may be enough to make the car lose control or become muddy. When the transmission is in manual mode, a similar bear service from KP is excluded.

And when towing the option of manual gear shifting is very useful. In order for the “box”, switching to overdrive, not to make the engine idle out of power under heavy load, the driver himself should keep his speed in the most high-torque range, manually activating the appropriate gear from the “automatic machine” or “robot”.