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TAGAZ Tager SUV at an attractive price

TAGAZ Tager SUV at an attractive price 1

TAGAZ Tager SUV at an attractive price

TAGAZ Tager SUV at an attractive price 2

In the modern world it is impossible to find a person who would not want to ride a “jeep”, because this is not only solid, but also one of the opportunities to calmly drive on terrible roads. And Tagaz Tager is one of the representatives of SUVs, the price of which is up to $ 25,000 Can there be decent quality at such an attractive price??

This brand of car on the road is quite common. Only a few are indifferent to Tagaz Tager, a share of this merit can be given to the original design. Tagaz engineers have made a number of changes to the design of the Tager, compared to Korean models. Such innovations do not particularly please owners during the operation of a car.

A lot of complaints come regarding the electric and modular parts of the car. The presence of a manual gearbox and an engine of 2.3 liters can easily be attributed to the disadvantages of this product. Many Tagaz Tager representatives have problems with synchronization, which contributes to the appearance of a specific crunch when turning on the gears. Tagaz is well aware of this problem, however, factory representatives are very reluctant to fulfill warranty obligations. But can such a trifle affect the decision of the Russian driver? Also, the gearbox in the Tager has an impressive free-wheeling of the gear lever, but at the same time the gear changes easily, without requiring much effort.

It is worth noting that, despite the small size of the Tagaz Tager engine, the car picks up speed quite quickly and at the same time there is no torque or pickup. Also nice features include the good quality of the materials used for the interior trim, the plastic is tightly fixed and does not create too much noise. The seats turn into two comfortable sleeping places without any problems. However, the trunk is not very large, so if you go on a long trip with a big company – there will be not enough space.

Tager manufacturers did not pay due attention to the design of the electric capacity of the suspension. At large deep potholes in the back, severe blows are felt. Just a little “bottom”, which increases the likelihood of burning the clutch. At the same time, the bumper and thresholds are quite high-quality, which minimizes the likelihood of them being damaged. On a good pavement, Tager behaves with dignity, but on bad pavement the situation changes, swaying appears.


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