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Tesla Model X Signature Hybrid Crossover

Tesla Model X Signature Hybrid Crossover 1

Tesla Model X Signature – a hybrid super-crossover!

Tesla Model X Signature Hybrid Crossover 2

A special version of the crossover, which was called Signature, was the first to be fully declassified before the future owners. Tesla company pre-arranged a pre-order for its development, but allowed it to be done only to those who were ready to immediately pay 40 thousand dollars, but the total cost, by the way, is 132 thousand dollars. Considering the information about this exclusive model, and it will be practically the best in equipment, only one thought comes to mind – this is a masterpiece. Very rarely, developers, especially in the field of electric vehicles, bring their creations to such conditions. If someone else doubts this manufacturer, the read below will certify everyone in the company’s capabilities. It is worth noting that the speed performance of this large and spacious car has surpassed even sports decisions from leading companies, and in very many cases, supercars show the dynamics of acceleration, the cost of which is just off scale.

To begin with, two electric motors are introduced here, one of them produces 262 horses, and is located in the front, and the second produces 510 horses, while being rear. It is not difficult to calculate, we have a car with 772 forces on board, which makes it possible to accelerate a 7-seater crossover in 3.8 seconds. Using one very interesting feature, namely Ludicrous Mode, you can “start” in 3.2 seconds. The speed limit is more than standard – 250 km / h, with all this, the car will be ready to drive a considerable 386 km, although in the case of a more relaxed ride, you can stretch more. Of the features of the new items it should be noted an excellent smart suspension, a very cool audio system, and an increased level of comfort. The third row of seats can be folded to the floor level, which will expand the luggage compartment very well, but the second row will be able to be adjusted, with each seat separately.

For working purposes, this car is also well suited. There is a trailer towing system here, it is calculated at 2.3 tons, and this is a considerable load. Tesla also provides many interesting options, although taking into account their cost, such as a special mode for acceleration, such a car can exceed the price of 140 thousand dollars. Be that as it may, a company completely new to the market has already stepped over a number of manufacturers, and now it is confidently leading in its class. Almost no one at the moment will be able to create such a crossover, but that there a crossover, even a sports sedan or coupe, they clearly will not reach the achieved results.

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