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Tesla model x

Tesla model x 1

Tesla model x

Tesla model x 2

The new Tesla Model X is unveiled. Let’s see if it can fly! Of course, the first two things that are seen in Model X are the SUV and “oh my god, he’s going to fly away.” You think that the main thing in Tesla is electrification, how the car drives only on battery power, how fast it is. But surprisingly, the promise of Tesla is practicality and usability. In general, the founder comes to claim that this car will beat a minivan, SUV and even the current Porsche 911.

The car gives a new level of multifunctionality, which is not in the minivan or SUV. The most distinctive feature of Model X is its doors that do something you have never seen before. They rise like the wings of a seagull. They are fixed directly above the line of the belt and turn into “falcon wings”. This gives much more usefulness to the second row with a child seat. You can also use the third row at the same time. Many parents now understand what we are talking about..

Tesla claims that the doors will open in any parking space where there is enough space for you to stand between other cars. In our opinion, a car will require a lot of space. As soon as you get inside the car, the world of LSD opens up to you. The central panel is equipped with one 17-inch touch LSD. This car is without mirrors because it has rear view cameras. It performs the function of looking back, but instead of looking in the mirror, you look at the image on the car screen.

Model X is built in the shape of Model S, but the frontal part passing through the air is larger. Therefore, the power reserve decreased somewhere around 10-12 percent per full charge. This means that the cruising range will be 140-265 miles, depending on the competency you choose..

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