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The best electric car of 2015

The best electric car of 2015 1

The best electric car of 2015

The best electric car of 2015 2

Electric cars have always been considered a symbol of the future. And this future has already come – active sales of these miracle machines have already begun. We will get to know such cars as: Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf, Renault Fluence ZE.

We begin our acquaintance with a car that has already managed to collect a lot of positive feedback from grateful users. Why did you like this economical mode of transport? First of all, it is appearance: a stylish, neat body, elements (handles that extend themselves, beautiful headlights, glass without a frame). The droplet shape and decent wheels prove that this machine is simply designed for speed and dynamics. This beautiful model can be considered a direct competitor to such industry giants as: Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW. But this competition will be more sports cars than ordinary business sedans. Then we will be pleased with a beautiful interior: excellent design, various inserts, leather – all this is proof that the owner of this electric car has a great taste. All parts that were developed by Tesla designers were taken from Mercedes. Of course, this is not a Porsche level, but the bar is already high..

Design, appearance all this is good, but one of the main advantages of Tesla Model S is overclocking. There is no blasting of the wheels at the start or blasting of the exhaust pipe, no, it starts smoothly, like a ship that has just sailed off the pier, but after a moment, you will feel a strong jerk of acceleration. The driver does not have time to blink an eye, as there are already a hundred on the speedometer. The shock passes, soft, smooth running, under which even a baby can sleep. Also, the model has two luggage carriers: one in front, one in the back. In addition, a couple of child seats are attached, which easily turn the car into a 7-seater minivan for the whole family. This electric car is perfect for both men and women. Inside the car, a beautiful, stylish 17-inch touch screen is very striking with the help of which, you control almost the entire machine and all the existing processes in it. Calendar, media, front-view camera, rear-view camera, control of your mobile phone and this is far from all the functions that this expensive device performs. You can play music from a USB drive, of which there are two. And you can connect your phone through a wireless Bluetooth device. There is also a built-in 3G modem or the ability to connect via a wireless Wi-Fi network.

But, as always, there are small ‘buts’, and there are only two of them. The first is light braking of the car due to recovery. But after prolonged use of the electric car, it is completely invisible. And secondly, there’s a bit of space in the back seats, we don’t forget, of course, that this is not a simple car, but a competitor of sports coupes that add value to their owner and his family.

So, we will pass to the most interesting – the price. The Tesla Model S is priced from $ 120,000 to $ 150,000. Of course, the price “bites” a little, but such a minus overlaps a huge number of pluses. This is not just a car, it is an economical, sports, stylish, status electric car that honestly works out all the money invested in it and will delight its owner for more than one year.

Regardless of the different configurations, the technical side of the car, the design, the price of the car, this will be a great choice. The car is simply silent at low speeds, easy to operate with an automatic transmission, which even a child can handle. So let’s draw a line, the future is behind electric cars, and this future has already come, so we keep up with the world and buy great cars at excellent prices.

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