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The car is new or used

The car is new or used 1

Which car to buy – new or used?

The car is new or used 2

This is the most important question for motorists, which is asked by all, or almost all, with a few exceptions. Good for those who do not have difficulty with money – they can afford to purchase any car they like. And if the funds are not enough accumulated, or is there no accumulation at all? For them, there are other options – either buy a new budget class car, or purchase a used car. Let’s try to figure out which of the options is more profitable and why.

Well, of course, the choice of a car does not depend only on the amount of available funds. There are many more good reasons that influence a decision. Whatever it is – the acquisition should not leave negative impressions and frustrations, which means that everything should be thought out to the smallest detail. Although, it would seem: what is there to ponder? The newer the car, the better. This is undeniable, but there are cases when buying a used car is considered more rational..

For example, a car’s decision to grant a car loan may affect the choice of a car. First, for various reasons, banks may refuse to issue it without giving reasons. This means that the new car will remain a dream in the near future. Secondly, almost all credit programs provided by banks require a customer to make a down payment. This is, so to speak, a bank check of a client for solvency. And there may not be any money at all! It should be noted that credit rates on car loans for new cars are significantly lower than for used cars. Thus, the manufacturer stimulates the sale of their cars. In addition, the cost of a new car may decrease during seasonal sales and holiday promotions, which are regularly arranged by car dealers.

As for new cars, it will not be amiss to recall here: each year of its operation significantly reduces its cost. That is, a year after the acquisition of a new car, its value in the secondary market will be almost one third lower than the amount paid. Some machine models in just two years of operation lose up to half their value. In general, it is believed that the more expensive the price of a car when buying, the faster it will lose it. And this money can be considered lost forever, they will not be able to return under any circumstances. Of course, you can try to improve the technical characteristics, tuning, but it will also require investment. The older the car – the more money it will require for its maintenance.

But even when buying a car on credit, the money goes to interest on a bank loan, to additional insurance policies. Therefore, to buy, and even on credit a new car should be only with the expectation of a long service life. And the most profitable in the financial sense will be buying a car aged 2 to 3 years. The savings will be the same 30%, and sometimes all 50% of the cost of a new one. In addition, it will be possible to save on insurance: the more expensive the car, the higher insurance payments.

And now about the contents of his four-wheeled miracle. Some manufacturers produce and sell cars with a guarantee of 3 to 5 years. This means that in the event of a breakdown, everything will be eliminated at the expense of the manufacturer. This is an important advantage of new cars over used ones. When buying a used vehicle, the car owner also acquires all risks unknown to him: what may fail in the near future, how much the repair will cost, – this probably does not even know the former owner of the car. The former owner’s attitude to the car is also questionable: did the technical fluids change on time, and in general, how was the car serviced in the wrong hands? For your own confidence, you can make a car diagnosis in the auto center, but even this cannot fully protect the newly-minted buyer of the vehicle from technical problems and problems..

In any case, you need to be prepared for the fact that all machines have their own deadline. Due to wear and tear, many spare parts of machines through every 50 thousand km come into disrepair. After 10 – 15 thousand km consumables change. These costs are not comparable to those that go to a new car. Money, moreover, not small, is needed for maintenance, car maintenance. For some brands of cars, the cost of scheduled maintenance reaches 50 thousand rubles. And you can’t save with all your desire, because saving, or inappropriate maintenance, can lead to even more expensive repairs.

By the way, some car dealers offer brand guarantees for used cars that have ended the factory warranty. The warranty period is usually 1 year, and the price of such a car will be slightly more expensive.

Much more money, time and patience will be needed in order to service and repair a used car. Need more spare parts, much more time to go around the car dealerships, or call the service stations that will undertake the repair of this vehicle.

Here, in fact, all the advantages of buying a new and used car, in full view. In which case more money will be spent, and for what reason, not a single expert can tell in advance, even using the latest equipment for diagnostics. Therefore, in each case it is not necessary to rely on someone’s advice and recommendations, but only on yourself and your strengths.


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