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The choice of diesel fuel

The choice of diesel fuel 1

The right choice of diesel

The choice of diesel fuel 2

A car is a technique that you need to constantly monitor and care for. It’s not possible to get it and then just drive and refuel. From time to time it will be necessary to repair it, or just to change some parts on time, this is normal. Everyone has problems with the car during operation, some have a running gear, others have an engine, others have a braking system, and others have problems with fuel, especially diesel in winter.

The latter is explained by the fact that depending on the season, it is necessary to fill in your brand of fuel. To date, there are three types:

The first is summer fuel, it is referred to as the letter A and is used at positive temperature, that is, from 0 and above;

The following type is applied up to the mark of -30 degrees Celsius and is indicated by the letter Z;

And finally, the third type of fuel is Arctic, it is indicated by letter A and is used at temperatures from -30 degrees Celsius and below.

Why do we need several types of fuel? The fact is that when the temperature begins to drop, the diesel fuel becomes cloudy and viscous. This is due to the fact that the paraffins contained in the fuel crystallize, making the liquid viscous, resembling jelly outwardly. Then the crystals quickly clog the fuel filters, the crystals precipitate and prevent the engine from operating normally. As a result, he stops.

According to the technology, winter diesel fuel is obtained not by adding additives to it, but during distillation at elevated temperature. However, its cost is slightly higher than that of summer fuel. You can get winter diesel fuel by adding antigel to it. The lower the temperature, the greater the concentration of antigel in the fuel..

The most interesting thing is that it is impossible for the car owner to distinguish between winter and summer fuel, they have the same color, smell, texture and so on. Therefore, buying it at gas stations in the winter, we can judge the quality of fuel, only during operation.

Perhaps all car owners know that at low temperatures it is extremely undesirable to leave your car on the street. So that the next day there would be no problems with his work, you should take care of a warm garage, or at least just about a garage. And the tank should preferably be full.


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