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The choice of European budget cars

The choice of European budget cars 1

European budget car choice

The choice of European budget cars 2

Buying cars from Europe is becoming increasingly difficult due to the economic crisis and the constant jumps in the ruble exchange rate. What drivers need to do, because you want, ultimately, to get a car that satisfies in its class, quality and characteristics. There is an option to buy a used car, but still newer models are better. The cost does not allow you to buy any car, but there are several options for cars from the European part of the world.

Such, for example, quite famous concerns, Opel and Chevrolet simply leave the Russian automobile market and this is due to a decrease in demand. It is worth taking a moment and buying models from these concerns, as they have been making good discounts in the region of 25% recently. This is a chance to get a good European car at an affordable price. In addition, you can look at the option of buying a model from Daewoo. A variant of the Daewoo Matiz model is the most acceptable, despite the fact that in recent years the cost has risen by 90 thousand rubles. Now the cost of this model is in the range of 330-450 thousand rubles and of course the difference depends on the configuration that the driver chooses when buying a car. Daewoo also provides purchases of the Nexia model at affordable prices for our time. The cost of this option is in the range of 375-510 thousand rubles. For lovers to save their money, Renault Logan may be suitable, however, speaking only in the initial configuration. If you do not take additional functions when buying this car, then its price is 440 thousand rubles. If you take a complete set for a car, then the cost rises by almost 200 thousand rubles. The same can be said about Volkswagen Polo, whose cost at the initial configuration is 520 thousand rubles.


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