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The entire Volkswagen range – description, photo

The entire Volkswagen range - description, photo 1

The entire range of Volkswagen – updated cars of the current model year

The entire Volkswagen range - description, photo 2

The whole new lineup of this year’s Volkswagen brand

The entire range of Volkswagen on the market has always enjoyed increased popularity, and this applies to the European, Asian, Russian and even the American car market. The reason for such a high popularity is the high quality of Volkswagen cars, the lineup (photos confirm this), and also the desire of the German manufacturer to be among the leaders.

So, the entire range of Volkswagen cars covers many interesting models, but we will focus on the most interesting of them.

Looking through the new photos of this year’s Volkswagen range, it is impossible to ignore the Volkswagen Amarok pickup with the proprietary 4Motion all-wheel drive system. In the market, it is positioned as an off-road pickup truck, in the mixed driving mode it consumes 7.7 liters of fuel, from zero to 100 km / h it picks up acceleration in 11 seconds. Its great advantage is considered the price at the level of ordinary “SUVs”.

Studying the lineup of Volkswagen cars, it is impossible not to pay attention to the Volkswagen Caddy car, which has long established itself as a roomy and reliable family vehicle. By the way, he also has a cargo version, and the engine lineup consists of new economical engines.

The Volkswagen Golf car needs no introduction; this hatchback has long been famous. The new generation of Golf has received a comfortable lounge and high-quality power units – these are its main advantages compared to competitors.

The new Volkswagen range includes the Volkswagen California car, which is positioned as a vehicle for travel. It can be easily converted into a motor home thanks to a fold-out roof, while passengers will be provided with a high level of safety and comfort. That’s only in the Russian market, this model is practically not in demand due to the high price.


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