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The long road – features of car operation – Traveling by car

The long road - features of car operation - Traveling by car 1

Long road – features of car operation

Almost every motorist makes long trips in his car. Their success largely depends on how the car is prepared for a long journey.

It is clear that it is almost impossible to foresee all the difficulties that may occur on a long journey. Experience in operating cars suggests that the most important thing is the thorough preparation of the car. To do this, it is necessary to install the car on a viewing ditch or overpass and carry out a set of inspection, fixing, adjusting and refueling operations in the amount of daily maintenance using the tool and accessories that are included with the car.

Before a long journey by car, it is recommended to carry out a number of additional work. Consider them.

Baggage check-in. When installing the roof rack on the car, carefully use the boot lugs in the gutters to fix the brackets and bolts carefully.

The placement of the cargo on the trunk must comply with the requirements of the Rules of the road. It is recommended to put light (voluminous) things on the roof, and heavier ones in the inner trunk. All items of luggage must be firmly fixed on the trunk. For luggage fastening, a simple device can be used, which is a bunch of rubber cords with steel hooks at the ends connected in the center by a metal ring, as well as ordinary ropes or cords.

A loaded roof rack increases the resistance to movement, which leads to an increase in fuel consumption. If there is a trailer with a boat, it is very convenient to place luggage in them.

Towing device. Quite often motorists use trailers for cars. To connect the trailer to the car using a towing device manufactured by the industry. Do not use makeshift towing devices. The towing device should be connected to the vehicle so that the height of the center of the ball pin above the road surface is at least 350 mm when the vehicle is loaded and not more than 525 mm when the vehicle is unloaded.

When installing the trailer, proper grounding and a reliable connection of the trailer wires to the contacts of the vehicle plug connector are required. The towing device must be attached to the car in places where the body has sufficient strength. The connection method is given in the factory operating instructions for the vehicle.

Spare parts and accessories. Check for the presence of a spare tire, a jack, a complete set of a driver’s tool, a tow rope, signal shields or flags, a fire extinguisher, safety equipment used during an emergency stop of a car on the road, a route diagram and a list of maintenance stations.

It is recommended to take with you additionally: fan drive belt, ignition coil, capacitor, 2-3 spark plugs, voltage regulator, 1-2 high-voltage spark plug wires and 1-2 low-voltage wires, cover, rotor and contacts of the breaker-distributor, carbon brushes for alternator and starter, set of fuses, 2-3 bulbs, portable lamp, diaphragm of the fuel pump, carburetor float, 5-liter canister with gasoline, funnel, hose with bulb for filling gasoline, 2-3 nuts on the wheels, brake hose, 0 5 l brake liquids, a chamber and spare spools, strips of an old chamber, pieces of hoses of various diameters with clamps, a cylinder head gasket, a bag or canister for water, sandpaper and insulation tape, 1-2 m of strapping wire. This list of spare parts and accessories is adjusted depending on the nature of the selected trip, its distance, the availability of service stations or car dealerships on the highway, and also taking into account the technical condition of the car.

The presence on the car of the necessary set of spare parts and accessories with a full set of driver’s tool is one of the conditions for a successful trip over a long distance.

First Aid Kit. Every motorist traveling on a long trip should check a medical kit and, if necessary, equip it with medicines and accessories for first aid in case of accidents, relieve pain or discomfort, as well as medicines recommended by a doctor to any of the participants of the trip or trip. Do not forget to check the expiration dates of medicines.

The first-aid kit should contain the following medicines:

Validol ………………………………………………………………… 10 tablets
Ammonium chloride …………………………………………… .10 ampoules
Potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate) ………………… ..1 test tube
10% alcohol solution of iodine … …………………. 1 bottle
Hemostatic tourniquet ………………………… ..1 pcs.
10X5 gauze sterile bandage ………………………… 2 pcs.
Absorbent cotton …………………………………… 50.0 g
Bactericidal adhesive plaster 6ХУ …………………. 2 pcs.
Dressing bag ……………………………………………. 2 pcs.

To handle small cuts, abrasions and scratches, it is advisable to have additional BF-6 glue in the tube. It is applied to the skin and it forms an elastic film that reliably protects the wound from contamination. Thermometer, blunt scissors, dressings, gauze sterile bandages, dressing bags – all this can be useful on a long trip.

Control inspection of the car on the way. When traveling long distances at long stops it is useful to conduct a vehicle inspection.

Immediately after stopping, it is recommended that you check by hand to touch: the degree of heating of the wheel hubs and brake drums, driveshafts, gear housing (transfer case), drive axle housing. In this case, heating is considered permissible if the hand withstands a prolonged touch. If the temperature of the tested units and assemblies is high, their repair is required at the nearest service station.

To clear from dirt (snow) license plates, taillight glass, direction indicators, headlights with sidelights, windshields and door windows. Make sure that there are no leaks of oil and fuel, coolant, brake and shock absorption fluids. Check the oil level in the crankcase and the coolant in the expansion tank (radiator) and refuel if necessary. Check the presence and tightening of the wheel nuts, the condition of the suspension (levers, shock absorbers, springs, ball joints, anti-roll bar), steering rods, air pressure in the tire wheels. Tires should not have deep cuts, bulges, stuck foreign objects (nails, glasses).

Make sure the brake light, direction indicators and taillight are working. Faults detected by inspection.


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