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The main mistakes in the car wash that “kill” your car

The main mistakes in the car wash that "kill" your car 1

The main mistakes in the car wash that “kill” your car

To wash a car – what to brush your teeth yourself? It is not that simple!

Probably, every motorist does not want to think about the “breeder” that he may encounter during the operation of the machine. But we, alas, live in such an interesting reality, when minimal knowledge about the device of the car and the processes occurring in it are extremely desirable. This will at least protect the owner from some surprises on official and unofficial services.

The main mistakes in the car wash that "kill" your car 2

In general, motorists are divided into two categories. The first civilians drink coffee in the client area and wait until they “cure” or serve their pet. Others apply for the service in old jeans, a sweater from the First World War and with the words “Vasya, give me a carry, I need to check the play in the inner CV joint” climb under the car. And let the second category not seem strange to you or, sorry, stubborn … But washing is another matter. It would seem impossible to spoil anything here – if you know, pour some water, shampoo it, and then rinse it off and wipe it dry. Misconception! Systematic non-compliance with the rules of car washing can mercilessly spoil the paintwork.

A lot of brushes – a lot of sadness

“Showers” are mechanical when the car is cleaned with vertical and horizontal rotating brushes. In Western countries, this type of automated washers is the most common, but non-contact ones have taken root with the “exploitation of human labor”. Nevertheless, it is possible to damage the paintwork with equal success both there and there. The result consists of such components as body cleaning technology, chemicals and, of course, the human factor.

The main mistakes in the car wash that "kill" your car 3

Automated mechanical washing worsens the condition of the paintwork – covers it with surface scratches, scuffs and makes it cloudy – with regular use. The answer to the question “why” is obvious: the brushes rub on the surface and at least the edges of the body will suffer from constant contact with them.

Premature Flushing

A non-contact washing, in which a specially trained person pampers your car with Karcher, is by no means harmless, although in theory this procedure is elementary. But imagine if the fighters with hoses in their hands comply with the unwritten instructions when a line of five cars is lined up for them? In no case do not want to speak out badly about car wash employees, but there are precedents, alas,.

The main mistakes in the car wash that "kill" your car 4

Two examples from life. In the first case, hurrying “moydodyrs” pour washing foam on the car, but do not wait until it drains, but begin to smear the dirt with sponges. In the second, even after the final wash, the dirt remains on the body, which is then solemnly smeared during the drying process. We think it makes no sense to describe what happens to the paintwork of your car after such an abrasive.

Close water contact

There are rules that motorists are not even aware of. Do you know that it is undesirable to bring the Karcher nozzle close to the body? But this is exactly what most washers do when they knock dirt off wheel arches, forgetting that in the area of ​​arches the varnish and paint noticeably “get tired” and the water pressure only aggravates the situation.

The main mistakes in the car wash that "kill" your car 5

Insufficiently thorough drying of the body in winter is also not as harmless as it might seem – the water remaining on the surface freezes and “warps” the paintwork. After one time, it is unlikely that something will happen, but over time, the effect will manifest itself in all its glory.

Poor chemistry and dirty rags

So, if you are not indifferent to the condition of the paintwork, make sure that the machine does not stand in chemical foam for more than a few minutes. The fact is that surfactants of detergents are alkaline and can be quite aggressive to everything they come into contact with. Including paintwork. Control the cleanliness of the matter with which the body is wiped dry – periodically it must be rinsed. In general, it is very advisable to dry the car with microfiber – you can carry several towels with you and solemnly hand the staff the sinks so that they use them to dry wipe.

“Drying” with water

The effect, similar to drying an insufficiently clean body with a rag, will provide a special rubber strip, known as a squeegee. It should be used when removing water from the glass, but some guys do not strain and use it for the body – obviously, this is a life hack of individual sinks.

The main mistakes in the car wash that "kill" your car 6

If before this the car is poorly washed and there are grains of sand on it that you are unlikely to see, but feel when you swipe your finger, then … Relax, nothing will happen the first time, especially on a white car. But systematic drying in this way will damage the paintwork..

Using dish soap

There is another option for washing the car – the old fashioned way, at the cottage. Some in the summer save on “water procedures”, bypassing the car wash side and doing everything on their own outside the city. Here, as you know, the risk of spoiling the paintwork is also rather big, especially if there is no Karcher, and the set of funds comes down to a bucket and a rag.

The main mistakes in the car wash that "kill" your car 7

The recommendations are simple, as in the old joke about delicious tea – do not hesitate to use more water to wash off the dirt. There are a lot of detergents on the market and in this foaming ocean you should pay attention to products containing polishes or wax. Their advantage is that after application the dirt sticks to the body a little less, and subsequent washing, according to experts, is a little easier. And God forbid you wash your car yourself with some kind of dishwashing material like Fairy – they contain alkalis, acids and abrasives that can harm the paintwork. Of course, on the Internet you can find polar opinions of users. Some argue that there is no harm, and the savings are obvious. Others give their arguments, they say, the varnish is destroyed, paint defects appear. Be that as it may, we strongly discourage you from finding out the truth empirically.

In general, in car washing, as well as in brushing your teeth, feeding aquarium fish and providing first aid, the main rule applies – do no harm. Or maybe your tank is not at all afraid of dirt?


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