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Time to change tires

Time to change tires 1

Time to change tires

Time to change tires

In anticipation of the first autumn months, when your summer tires go to temporary rest, it’s time to check whether they are suitable for the next season or is it time to think about buying new ones. How to understand that your summer tires have served their?

In fact, it is quite simple to establish the suitability of rubber, for this it is enough to carry out two small manipulations:

  1. Visual inspection for mechanical damage: cuts, blisters, etc..
  2. Measurement of residual tread height.

If the first paragraph is clear, then the tread height must be dealt with in more detail. The main question is what height should this be? It all depends on the category of car:

  • for passenger cars of category M1 – 0.1 mm;
  • for trucks with curb weight up to 3.5 tons of category N1 -0.2 mm;
  • for trailers weighing up to 0.75 and up to 3.5 tons of O1 and O2 – from 1.6 mm.

If you own a car, the ruler must enter at least 1.6 mm into the tread slot. Here, the deeper the better. It is also worth considering that the season of using summer tires on average lasts 7-8 months, from April to November. And to predict how quickly tires will wear off is quite difficult. It depends on the mileage, driving style, tire pressure, car weight, age and make of wheels. It should be borne in mind that the softer and more comfortable the rubber, the faster it wears out.

If the measurements showed that the condition of the rubber is close to critical, that is, the minimum, then of course, you should immediately buy a new one. When this is not possible, it is better to put what is, but only for a while. Starting a new season with rubber that is about to lose its hair is not a good idea. Therefore, when making measurements, always take into account that the tread height must have a margin so that it is enough until the end of the season.

No savings justify neglect of security. It is proved that riding on worn tires is extremely dangerous and is a common cause of accidents. Be responsible and change tires on time.


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