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TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 200. Pseudo-tuning

techstream, p1604

TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 200. Pseudo-tuning

In this article I will talk about one particular case of “pseudo-tuning,” although in reality there are much more such unpleasant and dangerous cases; as well as I will try to challenge the fabrications of fraudulent websites on the Internet, which car owners still continue to draw on the bait.

Car Toyota Land Cruiser 200. Wonderful car, big and reliable. The tow truck hardly climbed onto a small climb to our service station, the owner of the car stepped out and told him that he needed “to deal with the unpleasantness that happened recently: the gas pedal stopped responding to pressing.” Not a question, I conduct rapid diagnostics, which shows such error:
TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 200. Pseudo-tuning 1
Recently, always pay attention to the DTC P2138, already had to deal with it. And therefore, I first perform the check as follows: I start the engine and press the gas pedal:
TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 200. Pseudo-tuning 2
And you can not even look at the tachometer, the sound is clear: “The momentum is not gaining at all.” I just glanced at the tachometer:
TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 200. Pseudo-tuning 3

(I apologize for the quality of the photo, you know that it is difficult to simultaneously diagnose and take photos).

As can be seen from the photo, the momentum did not even budge.

Next, a simple logical chain: the existing fault code + the lack of gas pedal response + previous experience = you need to look for some regular jetter:

Reclame (Jetter – same a lot of similar “Tuning box”, “Pedal booster” etc…):

“Jetter – accelerator throttle. Removes failure and slowdown.

Does not interfere with the wiring and the “brains”

Does not harm the engine and gearbox

Factory warranty retained

with Jetter acceleration 30% faster

2 year warranty

Lowest price from 100 usd”

I don’t cite the link because I don’t want to advertise lies and deception. And to be sure: after some searching, I find this “miraculous box”:
TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 200. Pseudo-tuning 4

It is installed between the accelerator pedal (gas pedal, if simple) and the on-board computer.
TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 200. Pseudo-tuning 5
I remove it, connect everything in a regular way and again check the response of the gas pedal:
TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 200. Pseudo-tuning 6

The photo shows a detached Jetter.

Motor is gaining momentum:
TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 200. Pseudo-tuning 7

It seems everything is done, the fault is eliminated. After carrying out additional work, the car is given to the client, he is satisfied and, as I understand it, he will never again set himself such “speed improvers”.

And now, with your permission, I will discuss in absentia about sites on the Internet, which tells about the “wonderful box, which” eliminates the delay and lethargy in the work of your beautiful car. ”

“What is a Jetter. A Jetter is an electronic device to prevent the engine from opening the throttle valve with an electronic gas pedal.”

– Okay, let’s say that …
“On such vehicles, an electronic engine control unit opens the throttle with a lag. As a result, the start and acceleration of the car do not occur as quickly as expected from a modern car.”.
– Ahhhhhhh … you can’t cheat so arrogantly with words! Let’s go in order:

The electronic gas pedal was originally invented by Bosch in the late 90s of the last century and had the name E-GAS. The appearance of such an electronic pedal was dictated by time: for the electronically controlled injection engines that had already appeared, the use of a cable system for the gas pedal was impossible for several reasons, including for reasons of ecology. Look at the screen from the official manual:
TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 200. Pseudo-tuning 8
Both sensors are potentiometers with contacts sliding along tracks whose holders are mounted on a common shaft. Any movement of the accelerator pedal is accompanied by a change in the resistance of the potentiometers and the corresponding voltages at the input of the engine control unit.

As is clear from the above screen, the gas pedal is directly connected to the potentiometers, and

– as soon as the driver presses the gas pedal, there is an instantaneous movement of the contacts

– the electrical signal immediately changes (instantly, it is natural!)

– the control unit receives the same instant information about the changed parameters

– the control unit performs an instant recalculation of the available parameters, increases the pulse duration at the injectors and changes (adjusts) other parameters of the engine to ensure that the speed set by the driver when you press the gas pedal at a certain angle.

So why on sites say that “Jetter … eliminates the delay in opening the throttle”? What kind of “delay” can we talk about? Is this a “lag” in reality?

Let’s give tribute to that unknown scammer who, in the best domestic traditions, like Mavrodi, could deftly manipulate with concepts!

What exactly he replaced the concept of “smooth opening of the gas pedal” was called a LATE!

This is the main basis of the claims of modern scammers who sell their “ingenious devices” to car owners.

The scammers have a statement: “Jetter converts the signals from the gas pedal position sensors in such a way as to provide a“ hard ”connection between the gas pedal position and the throttle valve position, excluding the delay of its closure. the car gives the driver’s requested dynamics. ” This statement is a lie and fiction, in order to deceive consumers and gain personal financial gain. In addition, this very “Jetter” is a very dangerous device that can trigger accidents and death. I wonder why the authorities have not yet banned the sale of “electronic devices that could provoke road accidents.”

In fact, the jetter’s principle of operation is based on the substitution of the true signal from the electronic gas pedal: when you press the gas pedal by, 15%, the jetter emulates such a signal so that the on-board computer can see 30%. You clicked on 30% – the computer “sees” 60%. And so on.

Remember: there is no “exception lag signal when applying the” Jetter “! There is a blatant falsification and direct deception of the consumer, that is, you and me.

Well, if you still decide to purchase a “magic box Jetter”, then always remember that this device is going to either “on the knee” or “in China and also on the knee”, despite the decent look of the final product. And it can fail you at the most unpredictable moment.

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