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Toyota 4runner

Toyota 4runner 1

Toyota 4runner

Toyota 4runner 2

The beauty of all Toyota cars is the new Toyota 4runner, which has a simple “daring” design. The design is formed from something classic and a sports car put together. You can imagine just the huge dimensions of a large sports jeep. If not, it’s time to take a look at the new Toyota 4runner. This car is more suitable for fans of automotive extreme sports. At the moment, this SUV is offered in three versions: Limited, SR5, Trail.

The creators worked very well on the external changes in the design. Headlights and a radiator betray the sporty aggressiveness of the car. Rims are equipped with 17 inches. But in the configuration Limited 20-inch wheels are already offered. Chrome elements are present on the front and rear bumpers, side moldings and a false radiator grille.

Since the car is a truck, the cabin has a capacity of 7 people. For off-road driving, there are electronically lockable rear differentials. The car panel is unique. About the safety of the car, as well as the passengers themselves with the driver, they also did not forget. There are several airbags, brake distribution system, anti-theft and anti-slip systems, immobilizer. The salon will just feel the weekend or holiday mood. The standard multimedia system is equipped with the ability to connect to satellite radio brands SR5 and Trail. And in Limited, a 7-inch touchscreen display with an audio system of 15 speakers. The list of equipment also includes a rear view camera, parking sensors, tiptronic and much more.

If you can argue about the tastes in style, then obviously you can’t argue about the quality of the material. Very neat fit of all the details, as they say to the “strings”, high-quality leather interior. The huge on-board screen changes its inclinations for a better view, which also leans back completely, where there is access to discs and tapes. Inside there is one BUT. This is a glove box. Although it is two-story, its capacity is still not very large. The trunk of the cabin is also small, but there is an upper part where you can pack things for relaxation. The trunk also has a raised floor for light items..

The power plant, as before, is modeled by a 4-liter V6 engine with 273 horsepower with a 5-speed automatic transmission. This car has four-wheel drive. The Limited modification includes the X-Reas system. It can independently change the stiffness of shock absorbers for non-standard off-road driving. To independently distribute torques. There is an A-Trac function. This gives you better grip..

Toyota 4runner has more advantages than disadvantages. The choice of such a machine is only yours. After all, this car is the heir to the well-known Land Cruiser brand. It’s just a little brutal in appearance.


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