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Toyota Allion

Toyota Allion 1

Toyota Allion

Toyota Allion 2

Toyota Allion is a Japanese car with a 6-liter gasoline engine. The crystal-type headlights have very beautiful classic shapes resembling the racing lights of a racing car, the raised steel grilles have small shapes in the form of three stripes in the middle of which there is a beautiful emblem. True rear design shows the trunk is very small. In fact, the trunk is quite large, just the back seems short. However, the exterior design is quite impressive. There is an intelligent security system controlled via a car key. You can have the keys in your pocket and open it with a fairly light touch on the handles of the machine. And it closes with a miniature button. But if there are no keys nearby, the car will not react to anything.

The car interior, although not leather, has calm standards of its predecessors. The gearbox is five-speed, ignited by a key. There is climate control and heated seats. The screen of the multimedia system is not small in size with a touch screen. In front there are two small cup holders with a built-in glove box nearby. The speedometer and tachometer are easy to read and have the same size. You can easily find out the temperature overboard simply by clicking on the climate control button on the panel. The front seats are height adjustable, though all this is done only manually. The rear of the cabin is quite spacious, but standard, double. Front seats do not create any discomfort for a seated person. In the center are also two cup holders. In general, the interior is of a standard appearance.

The complete set includes 4-cylinder engines of 3 types of volume: 1.5; 1.8; 2 liters. Models with a volume of 1.8 liters have four-wheel drive, 2-liter complete with a variator. The twisting moment makes 17.8 kg / m. A machine with a low speed confidently goes to accelerate. Turnovers can reach up to 3000 per minute. So it’s not worth worrying about the fact that at the right moment the car will let you down. There is a complete set of “Sport”. But while driving, even though the trajectory keeps steady, it sways a little anyway, the steering is satisfactory. But the handling is very good. When parking, you need to make at least a little effort, since it is too loaded. The car can reach a maximum speed of up to 200 km / h, and power can sometimes reach 125 liters. from.

If you compare the car with its predecessors or other cars in general, you can find many differences. If you compare with Corolla, then in Alleon there are much more options for reasonable money. Compared to the Volkswagen Passat, the design is much more interesting and beautiful. The salon is very massive and comfortable. Well, of course with Lexus it’s hard to argue. Well, here Alleon wins for the price.

You can also add that the model has been produced for 10 years and was originally intended for Japanese roads. But gradually she began to be respected, not only at home, but also beyond its borders..


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