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Toyota Alphard

Toyota Alphard 1

Toyota Alphard

Toyota Alphard 2

Large companies are often interested in minibuses for formal business meetings, top managers of the company or just for a family vacation. Today, Toyota can offer the Toyota Alphard minibus, which is in no way inferior to competitors. These are minivans – Volkswagen Multivan and Mercedes-Benz Viano.

Of course, against the backdrop of the above competitors, Alphard looks like an honest extras. The right-hand drive car brand, in the opinion of car critics, fully reflects Japanese views. But its exclusivity will still gain fans over time. When buying such a machine, people are primarily interested in the price. And the design and interior of the car is secondary. But here it is necessary to emphasize its features. In external design, the car easily fits on the roads of a metropolis. Its length does not reach 5 meters, a width of 1.8 meters, and a height of 1.9 meters. Therefore, these dimensions will not hamper parking in any garage.
It can be repeated that people who like traveling with their family or in a large company will be interested in the machine. This affects the interior of the car. A high level of comfort can immediately be felt at the entrance. Come in, sit down, and the sliding doors, which are equipped with an electric drive, will close themselves. The rear of the cabin is designed for five people. Plus, each seat has cup holders. Of course, at the top of the front is a display for watching videos. On each side there are additional bulbs for lighting the gallery. The heating system does an excellent job on all three rows. Armchairs have the function of regulating backs and “backs”. This provides for long roads. The luggage compartment is small, 1900 kg. Of course, the entire salon cannot be considered as a mini-office. There is no place for computers, the seats are not swivel, there are no funds for the Internet. But there is a high level of comfort with many features that will have to be mastered gradually. The driver will not have to miss the wheel.

The front of the panel is equipped according to Japanese specifications. A lot of silver plastic. Explicit pseudo-tree and accessories, familiar from other Toyota models, or rather everything was done under his technical philosophy. In the car, rhinestones certainly feel home comfort.

The volume of the gas engine is 3.5 liters, the power is 275 horsepower, fuel consumption is 11 liters per 100 km, and the maximum speed is 200 km / h. The machine is a 6-speed gearbox. The dashboard wells are needed in order to be able to accelerate in case of something. All-wheel drive system, unfortunately not available. In winter pits have to stall a little. A large mass of more than 2 tons will not allow the car to accelerate properly. But in dry weather there will be no problems. Noise isolation is of course inferior to its peers. The clatter of the cabin with increasing speed only grows. But this is not a problem with pleasant and fun music included. Fuel consumption, however, is not small. But there is an excuse, because the car itself is not small.


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