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Toyota Auris – operating tips

Toyota Auris - operating tips 1

Toyota Auris – operating tips

Toyota Auris - operating tips 2

Toyota Auris Car Tips.

When buying a new car, you probably came across issues that are not discussed in the car’s operating instructions. This article will help you solve the simple problems that arise when using Toyota Auris cars..

How to replace bulbs and fuses?

Turn off the lights. If you do not, a short circuit may occur. As a result, the fuse will burn. Open the trunk and remove the plastic cover. Slide the tabs toward the middle of the lamp and remove the holder by turning the lamps down. Then install a new lamp and put the holder back in place..

If, nevertheless, you did not turn off the light, you need to change the fused fuse. In order to find the location of the fuses, open the hood. They are installed on the left side. They can also be located in the car interior, below the dashboard. You will need a puller, which is located under the hood, in the mounting block. There you will find spare fuses..

Then go to the salon. Lie on the driver mat under the dashboard. Using the black lever, remove the cover and replace the failed fuse with a new one, using a puller.

What saves washer fluid?

Saving washer fluid can cause it to freeze during the freezing period. Many people add water to a tank of a cleaner. This is a big mistake that can lead to irreversible consequences. Such manipulations are permissible only in the summer..

To defrost your barrel, you will need to put the car in a warm garage for a long time.

What to do if glass is frozen?

Some craftsmen pour hot water on the glass. In no case do this, otherwise it will burst. When starting the engine, immediately turn on the heated windows and seats. Use brushes less, since microcracks that are not visible to the armed eye remain on the glass in any case.

Well, the last tip that will be useful not only to the owners of this model, but also to other motorists – when leaving the car, leave your car on the neutral lever with the engine running. Otherwise, your car will go on a free trip.

Toyota Auris is a great car. Follow the simple rules of car operation, and its service life will increase several times. Good luck to you!


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