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Toyota Auris

Toyota Auris 1

Toyota Auris

Toyota Auris 2

Toyota Auris is a hatchback whose main competitors in the European market are VW Golf, Opel Astra, Ford Focus, Renault Megane, Honda Civic and many others. And this is not surprising, many brands have cars of this class in their arsenal. The indisputable advantage of the Japanese model over many rivals is hybrid technology. It was demonstrated back in 1997. The manufacturer gives her a guarantee of 5 years.

Auris has a noble interior and looks good for its class. The Japanese emphasized it with piano lacquer and aluminum, and the center console of the Toyota Touch 2 is large and easily controlled. Some functions can be transferred using the buttons on the steering wheel. There are also comfortable and deep seats. The steering wheel is also trimmed with leather, which today remains the most comfortable and durable material. The only thing that annoys is the vertical touch screen, which is difficult to use in daylight. Fans of good sound will be especially pleased with the quality of the audio system. Auris is one of the few cars on the market that offers wireless Internet access, Wi-Fi, work with a regular SIM card.

The car has a completely new front end, which includes LED headlights, a radiator grill and a bumper. At the back, the changes are not so obvious. You can highlight the updated LED taillights. 17-inch rims are now available. The design is typical of the Japanese – not too simple and not too rough.

The range of engines offered is quite wide 1.2-1.8 liters. Diesel and gasoline power units are offered. More advanced versions have a hybrid system, as mentioned above. When operating in this mode, fuel consumption on the highway is less than 5 l.

Prices in the Russian Federation for the basic version are slightly higher than 1 million rubles.


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