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Toyota Bb

Toyota Bb 1

Toyota Bb

Toyota Bb 2

In 2000, Toyota launched a new bB lineup. This is a spacious Class A passenger car in the back of a micro-van. The production of the car is engaged in the Japanese corporation Toyota Motor Corporation..

Under the name Toyota BB, the car is only available for the Japanese market. In the US and Europe, you can find an analogue of this car under the brand name Scion. Speaking about the name Bb, it came from the phrase “black box”, which means “black box”, i.e. the car provides a spacious interior and unlimited possibilities for any motorist.

The first generation Toyota Bb appeared in 2000, the cars were created on the basis of the already obsolete models Toyota Funcargo and Toyota Vitz. Speaking of technical readings, the car’s engine is rated at 1.5 liters, and its power is 110 horsepower. All cars in this series have an automatic gearbox, you can choose a gearbox with both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. The second generation of bB cars was introduced in 2005. Technical specifications have not changed, the main update was in the appearance and interior of the car.

Advantages of Toyota bB

Body. The scope of the car will amaze even the most picky buyer. Body dimensions: length – 4135 mm, width – 1690 mm, height – 1660 mm. This car will be the perfect solution for those who have a large family, everything will fit in it, without causing each other discomfort. The rear seat of the car can be unfolded and get a spacious berth. The machine is also equipped with six open and closed glove compartments..

Design. The Toyota bB model is notable for its interesting design; not every car enthusiast can appreciate it. The large size of the car and unusual performance details give the car solidity. The instrument panel has a rounded shape, in appearance it resembles sensors of special equipment for diving, so sports fans will appreciate the design of the car.

Plenty of room for imagination. Despite the excellent body and interior of the car, many of its owners often tune it exclusively to their liking. Since the car is very large and roomy, you can redo a lot here, starting with a change of painting, ending with small details in the cabin.

Despite its large dimensions, the car does not cause problems with driving. Toyota Bb perfectly obeys the driver, even considering the weight of 1070 kg.

First-generation cars were in demand among adult drivers with extensive driving experience. He attracted them with his dignified and respectable appearance. However, Toyota bB of the second generation, after certain updates to the interior and exterior body parts, also attracted younger motorists. After all, her bold and catchy design catches the eye of any passing.

The interior of second-generation cars is distinguished by two components: illumination, as well as a high-quality audio system. The 2005 edition is fully consistent with the spirit of the 21st century. In addition to a comfortable long-distance ride, you can also pass the time in this car with pleasure. Toyota bB has a relaxing effect on humans. Its spaciousness and soft semi-folding seats in combination with high-quality sound will create a pleasant atmosphere. The front seats of the car when unfolded are in close proximity to the floor, which creates the illusion of being isolated from the outside world in a person who is in the car.


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