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Toyota Belta

Toyota Belta 1

Toyota Belta

Toyota Belta 2

For the first time in 2005, Toyota introduced the world to the new Toyota Belta. This is a very compact sedan car that is perfect for city driving. This model replaced the already obsolete Toyota Platz, and the technical component was taken from Toyota Vitz.

Toyota Belta is superior to Toyota Vitz, even though the engine, steering gear and suspension are exactly the same. The Belta has significantly improved running capabilities, as it has new shock absorbers and stabilizer bars. Toyota Belta’s mileage also dropped 60 mm, unlike the Toyota Vitz. The advantages of this model also include the excellent configuration of the seat mount line, thanks to it the process of getting in and out of the car does not cause any discomfort.

Speaking about the name of the model “Belta”, then translated from Italian, it means “beautiful”. We can say that during the development of the car, the main focus was on the appearance of the car. The body of the Toyota Belta is made very high quality: a smooth roof line, a large front grille, an elegant bumper that goes into the molding. Despite the small size of the car (length – 1965 mm, width-1390 mm, height-1200 mm), the interior, although overall, is quite comfortable. Thanks to the beveled roof line, a low ceiling is created at the rear, and the distance between the rear and front seats is 905 mm. Although the position of the rear seats is not adjustable, their tilt angle is designed to provide maximum comfort for people sitting on them.

The dashboard is located right in the center, which may immediately seem not very convenient, but you can get used to it over time. In order to start the engine, you just need to press the “Start / Stop” button, but you can use the brake pedal. To perform the salon, exclusively high-quality thin leather in two-tone colors was used. The size of the front glove compartment is quite small, but in addition to it, the car also has folding cup holders and many additional pockets.

Toyota Belta cars are available both on front-wheel drive and permanent four-wheel drive. Machines on front-wheel drive are equipped with an engine of 1296 cubic meters, and its power is 71 horsepower. And on all-wheel drive models, a 1.3 liter engine is installed. Toyota Belta is available exclusively on an automatic transmission..

There are four complete sets of Toyota Belta: basic “X”, “S-package”, “G” complete set and complete set “L”. They differ among themselves, as well as technical indicators, and the interior of the cabin.

Despite its size, in this model there is a fairly roomy trunk for 475l. Its width is 1435 mm, and its depth is 960 mm. In order to carry a large load, you can also fold the rear seats.

Already in 2009, a new updated version of the Belta model was released. The radiator grille has been changed, as well as the color of the trim. In addition, manufacturers increased the size of the armrests on the rear doors, added satellite radio, the function of heating the front seats.

It should be noted that in the Russian, Australian and American automobile markets, it is impossible to find Toyota Belta, under this name it is produced exclusively in the Asian market. And with us it is known as Toyota Yaris. The production of this model for the Asian market is in Thailand, and for all other countries, cars are produced in Japan..

Toyota Belta is an excellent option in which high quality and reasonable price are combined.


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