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Toyota Blade

Toyota Blade 1

Toyota Blade

Toyota Blade 2

In 2006, Toyota launched the production of the new Blade range. This is a hatchback type car, it is a relative of another model of this company – Toyota Auris.

At first glance at the Toyota Blade, you can take this car for the Toyota Mark X because of the similar body design. However, if you look closer at the body, you will notice that it is more sophisticated than other Toyota models. The smooth lateral lines of the car body are very painstakingly made, the rear part is equipped with LED bulbs, if you look at the car from the front, you get the impression of a flight due to convex brake lights. The body length of the Blade exceeds its predecessor Auris by 40cm.

Despite the same base of these two models, a completely different, completely unique design was developed for Toyota Blade. The design of this model will allow its owner to simultaneously drive a high-class car, however, while taking full advantage of the compact car. For the upholstery used high-quality honed suede. Despite the overall dimensions, the car has high power, thanks to the installed 4-cylinder engine for 2.4 liters. Engine power is 167 horsepower. We can safely say that all the details of this machine are made upscale.

Speaking about the technical characteristics of the Toyota Blade, the engine reserve allows you to make a sharp acceleration, without creating any stress for the car. Riding speed is perfectly controlled by the gas pedal. The driver can make sharp overtaking, while perfectly feeling the car. In addition, the car has a CVT transmission in a 7-speed manual mode. When working with her, a person driving will not feel any jolts during gear shifting. Any car enthusiast can enjoy driving in sports mode. The engine runs very quiet, so its noise will not distract from driving.

Toyota Blade as a compact car can boast of its completeness and thoughtfulness. When driving on rough roads, the driver will not feel jolts. The suspension travel is significantly longer than that of the aforementioned Blade relative, it provides soft movement of the machine. True, it must be said that at the wheel a little suspension resistance is felt, but, despite this, the model drowns out this feeling due to its small weight and overall dimensions. You can compare the design of the chassis of the Toyota Blade with the chassis of any VIP sedan.

Climate control is installed in the car interior, which will help regulate the temperature of the interior. Despite the overall dimensions of the body, all the privileges of a VIP sedan calmly fit in it. Toyota Blade belongs to the premium line of the European automobile market. This is a great budget solution for those who want to buy a high-class car, however, do not plan to spend too much on the purchase. The performance of the Blade model is absolutely consistent with the image of European compact cars.

Who is this model for??

The solid design and the presence of all the necessary gadgets will be appreciated by adults with great driving experience. However, the possibility of developing high speed, a sporty driving mode, as well as the advantage of making sharp turns and obedient management will please the youngest drivers. In general, we can say that the Toyota Blade is a great solution for everyone. Motorists will definitely be satisfied with the high quality of the car and its affordable price..


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