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Toyota Blizzard

Toyota Blizzard 1

Toyota Blizzard

Toyota Blizzard 2

The Toyota Blizzard lineup was launched in late 1980. The name of the car Blizzard translates as “blizzard”, i.e. we can safely say that this SUV copes with any weather conditions. There are two versions of the model: the first and second generation model.

The first generation of Blizzard cars

To create the first automotive range, an off-road vehicle body type – LD10 was used. The car was available exclusively in the Japanese automobile market. At that time, there was also a twin of this model – Daihatsu Taft. The first-generation Toyota Blizzard was framed. The car was equipped with a 2.2 liter diesel engine and a capacity of 72 horsepower. The car worked only on all-wheel drive. A mechanical four-speed gearbox was installed. When restyling this model, which was produced in 1982, the gearbox was replaced with a five-speed.

Second Generation Blizzard Cars

In 1984, Toyota released a new modification of Blizzard models. For the production of the updated version, an LD20 type body was used. Due to another body, the size of the car increased, it became larger and more comfortable. Brand new engines were installed in the car: a diesel engine with a volume of 2.4 liters and a capacity of 83 horsepower, and a turbocharged one with a volume of 2.5 liters and a capacity of 85 horsepower. The car has a mechanical transmission. The permissible number of seats is five. The maximum speed that a car can develop is 135 km per hour. Suspension, as in the first generation, on springs. Diesel consumption is quite low – about 10 liters per hundred kilometers when driving on city roads.

The car interior is made quite high quality. For its decoration, inexpensive, but good materials were used: high-quality plastic that can easily be washed and dermatine upholstery. All drives that are not authorized in the machine must be started manually. There are no washers and heating on the rear windows. There is also a stove and air conditioning in the car, which will help to normalize the air temperature in the car in accordance with the season and weather conditions..

The rear seats are not adjustable, which is not very convenient, their distance from the front seats is 40cm. However, the seats can be folded in order to make room for cargo in the luggage compartment.

This machine is best suited for fishing trips, hunting, relaxing in the forest or for riding in the taiga. It does not require special care, the only part that needs to be given special attention is the springs. It is best to give them up for repair annually..

Due to its small size for an SUV, Toyota Blizzard is perfect for driving in any terrain, not only in the taiga, but also on city streets with high traffic. Manageability and sound insulation are also performed at a level, especially considering the year of manufacture of this model.

Who will suit this model?

The already outdated design and purpose of the machine will not be able to appreciate the young drivers. Toyota Blizzard is designed for more mature motorists who like to get out of town. The approximate age of the driver is 40 years. Due to its spaciousness, it is also acquired for a large family. It will be quite difficult for women to drive this model of car, even despite the good suppleness of the car, it needs at least some power in its hands to drive.

Currently, the car is not produced, the Toyota Blizzard lineup was discontinued in 2001.


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