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Toyota Brevis

Toyota Brevis 1

Toyota Brevis

Toyota Brevis 2

Brevis is a representative executive car that works on rear-wheel drive. The automobile model Toyota Brevis appeared in production in May 2001. To create a new model range, the base of the already obsolete Toyota Progres car was used. But already in 2007, the model was discontinued.

Since the Progres base was used for Brevis production, both the technical indicators and the body shape of these two Toyota car models are almost identical. A 6-cylinder engine with a volume of 2.5 or 3 liters was installed in the car.

The car body is very stylish: huge headlights, an interesting form of the radiator grille, as well as brake lights, perfectly emphasize the individuality of this model. The interior is made in light gray, light brown and wine red colors. The panels that are present inside the cabin are made of plastic under a natural tree. A solid interior decoration blends perfectly with the exterior design of the car. In addition, Toyota Brevis seats are trimmed with genuine leather, which further emphasizes the executive class of the car.

This car behaves beautifully, both on city roads and on highways. Toyota Brevis has a 5-speed transmission, on versions of a car with a 2.5-liter engine – a 4-speed automatic transmission.

The Toyota Progres twin car was designed for mature drivers aged 50 years, but the Brevis model, thanks to the modifications made, is in demand among motorists 30-40 years old. There is also a significant price difference between these models: Toyota Brevis has risen by about $ 700.

Speaking about the Brevis model, it is necessary to say about such an advantage as pedal adjustment. You can independently adjust their position as it will be more convenient for the driver. This feature will help make driving much easier and more comfortable, especially for drivers of short stature..

Tires of type 205 / 55R16-215 / 45R17 were installed in the Toyota Brevis car, which provide ease of driving. However, due to this tire size, the noise level during driving is slightly higher than that of Progres.

The car meets all safety standards, it is very reliable and comfortable. In addition to the foregoing, in Brevis were also installed such necessary devices as: stability control system, eight airbags, separate climate control, pleasant interior lighting and a glove compartment, a pocket for glasses, a touch monitor, an on-board computer that displays fuel consumption, a standard anti-theft alarm system system, standard immobilizer and more. The car also has a very comfortable and practical luggage compartment. The width of the trunk is 155 cm and its depth is 94 cm. Wheel niches go far deep into the trunk, as double wishbones were used to create the suspension structure. The distance between the niches is only 80 cm. In one of the walls of the cabin there is also a hidden niche for transporting long items.

In general, we can safely say that Toyota Brevis is a car of overall size, which has all the characteristics and qualities of a luxury car. High-quality painting, painstakingly made plastic panels inside the passenger compartment, natural materials used to decorate the car’s interior, as well as low noise and complete control of the ride make this model a unique find for car enthusiasts.


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