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Toyota Caldina

Toyota Caldina 1
Toyota Caldina

Without keyword

My instrument panel from Toyota Caldina ST210 was lying around and I decided to deal with the mileage calculation algorithm in it. I myself do not do mileage correction and do not intend to. I just wanted to figure it out without calculators such as a tachosoft, an amateur on my own.

Here is the experimental rabbit.

I connect the panel on the table. The run is strange because I already trained with her. So, the mileage is 10,0001 km. Mileage as we know is stored in non-volatile memory – EEPROM.

I soldered EEPROM, the photo was taken in low quality intentionally, the life of this panel was hard and the place of soldering looks to put it mildly, “not very”.
Using the programmer, we read the “dump” stored in the 93c56s chip.

I save the resulting binary file. Now you need to return the chip to its place, increase the mileage and read the dump again.

I connect the winding, “food”.

I add speed to speed up the process. I wind 122 km, this is enough to analyze the dump.

I’m reading the EEPROM again. Now you need to compare these two files. On the Internet you can find programs for comparison.

Choose a free program and compare files.

Compare files. Differences in files are highlighted in green. We see that one double-byte number (WORD type) is repeated 17 times. High and low bytes in the number are rearranged, this is called swap bytes.

Using a standard calculator, I’m trying to figure it out.

16FB convert from hexadecimal to ours – decimal.

We get 5883. Since this number repeats 17 times, multiply it by 17.

We get 100011, it seems that this is what we need. The error will be 17 km with this method.

We’ll do the same with the second file..

We get 100130, which also suits our second run 100122.

The algorithm of this panel is not seemingly complicated. Another will roll around and there will be time, I dig more. It is advisable for every auto electrician to imagine how this is done, even if he is not going to do this thing.

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