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Toyota Cami

Toyota Cami 1

Toyota Cami

Toyota Cami 2

Cami is a compact SUV from the automobile company Toyota, which has long been famous for its reliability and high quality. The lineup was launched in 1999, and already in 2006 the production of cars was closed. This model was developed specifically for the Japanese automobile market, so in Europe it was almost impossible to find. Toyota Cami is a copy of the first generation of Daihatsu Terios models.

Body. The appearance of the car is quite original, especially when compared with the appearance of other SUVs. Body type – five-door station wagon for four seats. The car has a fairly small size: the length is 3785 mm, the width is 1555 mm, and the height is 1695 mm. The luggage compartment is very spacious, its maximum volume is 559 liters. Due to its size, Toyota Cami is equally good at driving, both on city roads and on the road. The turning radius and dimensions of the machine provide good maneuverability, which is necessary for city driving. The presence of a manual transmission will help the driver choose the right driving style. The body is designed so that while driving the car practically does not create excess noise. The headlights installed in the car body cope well with riding in the dark, and correctly adjusted rear-view mirrors provide the driver with maximum visibility.

Specifications. Toyota Cami has an engine with a volume of 1.3 liters and a horsepower of 92 horsepower. You can find a complete set of the car, as in the five-speed manual gearbox, and in the four-speed automatic transmission. The model was produced on both rear and permanent drive. The most powerful Cami was a complete set with a turbocharged engine with a volume of 1.3 liters. However, in this case, the engine had a capacity of 140 horsepower.

Salon. At first glance at the car, it may seem that it has very little space, given the small size for an SUV. However, the interior is very spacious and comfortable. To trim the interior parts used inexpensive, but very high-quality velor. The interior is made in neutral gray. Both rear and front seats are adjustable. In order to increase the size of the luggage compartment, you can fully assemble the rear seats, it will take no more than 30 seconds for the driver. Also in the Toyota Cami, you can get two full-sized places for sleeping: fold back and expand the front seats. A high-quality stove was also installed in this model, at an air temperature of -30, it will be warm and comfortable in the passenger compartment. The only thing – for a full warm-up of the cabin, if the car stood for a while without movement, it takes about 15 minutes. In addition to the stove there is also air conditioning.

Misc. In addition to all of the above, in the provided model were also installed: anti-lock braking system, there are two airbags, there is a standard alarm. The developers of the Toyota Cami car also took care of installing a power steering, a CD radio and an adjustable steering column, central locking, climate control, which will help maintain the optimal temperature in the cabin, depending on the season,

Who is this model for??

We can safely say that Toyota Cami is a great option for everyone. The spaciousness and comfort of the passenger compartment, as well as the ability to adjust the seats, are perfect for a large family, the stylish and extravagant look will delight young drivers, but the body of an SUV will attract more adult respectable motorists.


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