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Toyota Camry 2

Toyota Camry 2 1

Toyota Camry 2.5

Toyota Camry 2 2

Toyota Camry for many years remains an unchanged leader in the E segment. What is the secret of its popularity and relevance?

Outside, Camry does not stand out – there is nothing to “catch” on the eye. Toyota Camry is an example of how a corporate car should look – strictly and discreetly. The body lines are straightforward, the optics do not have LEDs and are simple in appearance.

Inside, angular panels and pseudo-wood inserts predominate, but the finishing materials and assembly are at a good level. The same can be said about ergonomics. The massive center console is equipped with dual-zone climate control and a color display that has navigation features and displays a picture from the rear view camera. The only bright detail is the optitron dashboard with blue backlight and a colorful on-board computer..

The driver’s seat is wide, lateral support is almost absent. The skin is slippery and not of the highest quality – over time, for sure, creases and abrasions will appear.

But the back row is very comfortable. Here even three people can easily fit. In addition, the central folding armrest offers many functions – which a senior official will definitely like.

The power plant located under the hood of the Camry has a 2.5 liter volume and 180 horsepower at its disposal. Up to a hundred, a large sedan with a six-speed automatic transmission accelerates in less than 8.5 seconds and the maximum speed limit is within 220 km / h.

In fact, the motor pulls confidently, without a pronounced pickup, but with good elasticity over the entire rev range. The machine shifts gears smoothly and quickly, rarely thinking during kickdowns. Fuel consumption in the city is about 16 liters per 100 km. And outside the city, with a permitted speed of movement, it does not rise above 9 liters.

Handling is not Toyota’s greatest strength. The steering wheel is empty and light. The steering sensitivity is not high, so the sedan does not like turns and, at a convenient moment, slides out the front. Banks are substantial, as in support of sluggish steering reactions.

Element Camry – direct express roads with smooth bends. It is on these highways that the car behaves properly: the “grip” on the straight line is canceled, the suspension “swallows” bumps of any type without disturbing the occupants with excessive shocks, and the noise isolation is at a decent level.

Obviously, this is the success of Toyota Camry. A car – without claims for anything more, with a high-quality interior, a high level of comfort and, of course, incredibly reliable.


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