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Toyota Camry 50

Toyota Camry 50 1

Without keyword

Toyota Camry car, 50 body, American, year of manufacture 2013. Winter is near – and the car owner began to try and check the climate control in the car. It turned out that the fan itself is working, it can be heard, but the modes of operation of the airflow do not change. The same story with temperature: “You can’t adjust, it stands and does not move”.

Surely, car owners and car service workers fell into uncomfortable situations because of their old habits: “To reset the existing errors in the memory of the control unit, you must disconnect the battery.” They disconnected, and then fell into a stupor, as there was immediately an error with the steering.

To prevent this from happening, you just need to remember that cars of the “fresh” years of release may have a completely different inside, and the algorithm for their maintenance and even repair may differ from cars of previous years of release. And do not be surprised at this. Outside the 21st century.

Regarding disconnecting the battery:
1. If you have to remove / reinstall the battery on this machine (or disconnect / attach one of the wires (plus or minus), then you will have to initialize the “Parking Assistance System”.
2. If the message “System initializing” is displayed on the navigation ECU, you need to adjust the steering position neutral in a simple way: “Set the machine on a level surface and smoothly turn the steering wheel all the way to the right and left”.
3. At the same time, do not forget that the neutral position of the steering wheel is maintained while the engine is running. Apply the parking brake, depress the brake pedal and check that the gear lever is in the parking position (P). The car must stand still and not move.

The car was peppy red and looked like new:

Toyota Camry 50 2

The photo shows the beginning of work. As you can see, the carrier has already rested in a subpanel space, it is there that you will have to intermeddle, look around and make a decision on troubleshooting.

Frankly, such malfunctions do not add either mood or health. Fiddling with malfunctions on the air conditioning is a dubious pleasure. If only because the car is new and it has already appeared technological innovations that were not on other machines. For example, the very principle of building a temperature grid in the cabin has changed.

How did the previous or “simple” air conditioning systems determine the required air temperature? Using temperature and volume sensors. This information was transmitted to the control unit, and he calculated according to a certain algorithm. That is, there was a rude decision based only on the readings of several sensors.

But you yourself probably noticed that the same temperature in the cabin is perceived differently: one thing when the sun fries to impossibility, and another when there is no sun, and outside the car window there is autumn fog. And for adjustments, only two or three knobs on the air conditioning panel. Little yes?

So gentlemen, the Manufacturers decided to “improve the comfort of the driver and passengers inside the car” and after certain tests introduced the new temperature control principle into the operation of the air conditioning system: “Neural network control”. That is, now the air conditioning system in a car works on the principle of neural networks.

What is it: now all the data on the given temperature conditions during trips remain in memory along with environmental data, are collected, classified and used in the future for the operation of the air conditioning system. For a better understanding, I will give a diagram:

Toyota Camry 50 3

No, if you look, the meaning is very interesting! Pay attention to the note “Scope of the neural network”, this will really improve the comfort in the cabin. Of course, subject to the correct and accurate operation of all sensors and actuators. So we can agree with the words of the developers:
“The neural network used in the control system includes three layers of neurons: input, intermediate and output. The neurons of the input layer process the input data (values ​​of the ambient temperature, the intensity of sunlight and air temperature in the cabin) taking into account the states at the outputs of the switches and sensors, and transmit the results to the neurons of the intermediate layer. Based on this, the neurons of the intermediate layer regulate the strength of the bonds between the neurons. Summarizing the results obtained, the neurons of the output layer determine the required value of the temperature at the outlet, corrections for solar radiation, the required air flow and the final distribution of air flows. In accordance with the calculation data, the air conditioning system control unit generates control commands for servomotors and a fan motor ”.

Here. Now you understand what climate control system I got into the study and repair. He opened the plastic and got to the drive of activators for controlling the damper valves, began to check what voltage was going on with the pulses … and found a lot of interesting and informative!

Without schematics, these intricacies can not be figured out, I look at Motordata. I specifically need to deal with this servo:

Toyota Camry 50 4

It’s time to remember that “it was smooth on paper, but forgot about the ravines”, see:

Toyota Camry 50 5

Here are all these connectors, connections, contacts, etc. – everything was oxidized, it was rusty..

Toyota Camry 50 6

Toyota Camry 50 7

And we can conclude: “the car was flooded. Moreover, not just elegantly soaked, and drowned thoroughly, reliably, together with the roof ”.

Well, how can you not recall the old and good, helping and developing articles of Legion Avtodata!

After all, they said, they warned. And if the owner of this car ran through this article with at least one peep, he would have thought before purchasing a car from America! Here is this article:
05/25/2013, Porsche Cayenne (“Drowned Cars”)

It would be high time to remember and understand that if we buy used cars from the same America, Germany, etc., if we save, then more in the head. Virtually. In reality, such “saving” is a very, very dubious thing.!

Do not forget that for Americans, Germans and other “highly civilized” Russians are people of the “third grade”. Never forget about it! And the American “seller of beads” will always try to deceive the simple-minded Russian man who for some reason believes that if he pays money, he should get a good and high-quality product.

That’s good. When there is a belief in something, it is very good. The car was flooded, what follows from this and what should I pay special attention to? General schematics, then such (as an example):

Toyota Camry 50 8

And the appearance and architecture are as follows:

Toyota Camry 50 9

There is an interesting feature: in the connectors connected to the actuator, there are some controllers, I will show in the photo:

Toyota Camry 50 10

Toyota Camry 50 11

So, what are these controllers: “This is a data transfer and control IC. They also say: “Communication and Control ICs”. The IC exchanges data with the climate control system control unit, transmits control commands to the servomotor and performs the function of determining the position. What does it give:
1. Combines separate wires into a common bus
2. Lightweight design
3. Reduces the number of wires

Toyota Camry 50 12

Of course, in such a situation, the question always arises: “Continue further work or …”. I hope you understand why such a question arises. If in one place the state of the contacts is more or less:

Toyota Camry 50 6

These contacts can still be brought into a divine form, they can still work, then here:

Toyota Camry 50 14

Toyota Camry 50 15

It’s easier to “spit and throw out”: “trying to restore yourself is more expensive”.

And now about what turned out to be the most difficult in this repair – about the servo drive. We look at the photo, the appearance seems decent and not suspicious:

Toyota Camry 50 16

The servo drive of the air conditioner has pulse control, consists of a printed circuit board and a servomotor.

Toyota Camry 50 17

And here is the state of the “ejection” elements:

Toyota Camry 50 18

The printed circuit board has 3 contacts and can transmit 2 relay signals to the air conditioning control unit based on the phase difference of the pulse signals. Based on these signals, the bus connector is able to determine the position of the flap and the direction of rotation.

As you can see, the state of the servomotor is awful! Some parts are rotten, others are scored and fall off the board, others are oxidized beyond recognition and so on. Recover? God forbid, for nothing – to hell, my friend, to hell and away …

Toyota Camry 50 19

Toyota Camry 50 20

I want to say a few words for those who are still thinking of buying American or German used cars. No, it’s your right, just remember: there were floods in both America and Germany. A lot of cars suffered. Owners, of course, will receive insurance for them, but they will try to sell and resell a rotten and dangerous car to you, a resident of the “third world”, which will be a balm for the soul for an American or a German. And if outwardly the car is brought into a beautiful salon look for sale, then inside it will be approximately like this:

Toyota Camry 50 21

This is the cladding element, in this case, it is a “knee-mounted airbag”. With such a rusty condition, the car’s passive safety system will not work.

At the beginning of his story, he did not say that during the diagnosis, the following fault codes were identified:
B1442 / 42 – Inlet damper control servomotor circuit
B1443 / 43 – Servo motor control circuit for the air duct flap
B1446 / 46 – Mixer flap control servomotor circuit (driver’s side)
B1447 / 47 – Rear mixing flap servomotor control circuit

And some others. Listing all makes no sense. But I did not deal with them: what’s the point of looking for a trouble code on a drowned machine? You understand that such an undertaking is meaningless, such a work is worthy only of a technical masochist, and this is not for me.


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