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Toyota Camry vs Honda Accord

Toyota Camry vs Honda Accord 1

Toyota Camry vs Honda Accord. Confrontation with a great story

Toyota Camry vs Honda Accord 2

The confrontation between cars Toyota Camry and Honda Accord has long been the most talked about and popular among motorists. Due to the quality and reliability, these cars are very popular in the market. Despite the fact that these cars have always been competitors, generational changes in both occurred almost at the same time. Recently, Toyota Camry and Honda Accord have undergone certain changes and now their configurations have a very similar structure.

Toyota has four modifications, and Honda has only two. It is worth noting that the most powerful engines, namely 3.5 liters. and 3.0 liters Accordingly, in our country are not yet delivered. Camry prices start at $ 33,000, the Accord is three thousand more expensive, but has the best basic equipment.

During the last restyling in both cars, the front part, namely the bumper, radiator grille and rims, has changed. The look in cars is now more expressive and fresh. Comparing new versions with previous ones it is easy to notice sophistication and solidity.

Toyota’s interior has received more changes than its competitor. Here they installed a new steering wheel, a display on-board computer with a diagonal of 4.2 inches and blue backlight. As always, in this car it is very convenient to sit both the driver and passengers. There is more than enough space. The salon began to look more solid, the developers used silver plastic to a lesser extent, and the shade of the tree became darker. The console began to look more original. Climate control is push-button. Very pleased with the GPS system.

As for the interior of the Honda Accord, it is much more modest, but not boring. Salon has undergone a minimum of updates. As always, the characteristic features are the central panel, which is divided into two tiers and a large screen in the center. If you compare two salons, then in Accord it is brighter, but in Camry it’s better to land, the best places for hands, etc. The numbers on Toyota seemed too small that can not be said about Honda. The dashboard here is very convenient and simple..

At Toyota Camry, passengers sitting in the back will feel as comfortable as possible. This is facilitated by three-zone climate control, heated seats, tilt backs and audio controls. Honda Accord is inferior in this regard, however, legroom in both cars is enough.

The luggage compartment is approximately the same in volume and approximately 500 liters. The luggage carriers of two cars are made soundly and efficiently, but for some reason Honda has no spare wheel, although there is a place for it. But not everything is so good with Toyota. As it turned out, the rear seats of this car can not be folded, which can not be said about the Accord.

Toyota Camry produces 181 horsepower, which is quite enough not only in the city, but also on the highway. In the updated version, increased attention was paid to depreciation, sound insulation and steering wheel. Since this is a business class car, the ride on it should be calm and safe. That’s how Toyota drives the best. A six-speed automatic changes gears quickly and quietly.

Honda Accord is also a business car. However, riding in this car will be pleasant for people who love dynamics, not peace. With a sharp pressure on the gas pedal, the car gains the desired speed and becomes more aggressive, even dangerous. This nervousness is easily corrected by turning on the Eco mode. The main feature of this car is the gearbox, which they did not update, but were replaced by another. Now here is a new variator that allows you to improve dynamics, ride and fuel consumption. In sport mode, it’s better to use gearshift paddles for sharpness and control dynamics.

Toyota Camry and Honda Accord are very different in terms of driving. The first car perfectly and smoothly passes all the pits, sways the driver and passengers, offers ease of control. The second car is designed for drive people who love dynamics and a stiffer suspension. In two cars, sound insulation is at a high level. Fuel consumption is the same here and is approximately 10 liters per hundred. This is a measure of city driving..

So, Toyota Camry and Honda Accord got the correct changes. Advising one of them is impossible, despite their similarities. The fact is that in addition to such configurations and characteristics, the ride quality is still different. For an active and energetic ride, Honda Accord is suitable, for a calm and balanced – Toyota Camry.


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