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Toyota Celica 2015

Toyota Celica 2015 1

Toyota Celica 2015

Toyota Celica 2015 2

It often happens that when changing models the manufacturer is limited only to cosmetic alterations, it is worth putting new bumpers, changing headlights, doing some stamping on the body – and you can advertise the car as the freshest of new products, since most buyers are not too interested in the real state of things. Something similar, by the way, happened with the sixth generation Selika, which came in 1993 to replace the previous model, which did not last on the market for four years.

Toyota Celica “in the seventh knee” is a completely different matter, and this is noticeable at the first glance at the car, whose swift, shark outlines were born in Toyota’s California design center. And the point is not only that the rounded, “threshed” forms were replaced by sharp edges and angles in the style of New Edge: in front of us is really another car with which the company was not ashamed to enter the market in the new millennium.

Compared with the “Selik” sample of 1993, her heiress looks smaller and. graceful or something. The new body is indeed a little shorter than the previous one, which, according to the designers, should facilitate the maneuvering and parking on urban roads saturated with cars. However, the decrease in overall dimensions did not affect the interior volume at all, on the contrary, due to the increase in the (expanded) wheelbase and the contact engine compartment, it was possible to make it more spacious, although only two children are still freely accommodated due to the sloping roof in the back seat (boarding formula 2 + 2). However, this effect is unlikely to bother buyers too much: a Celica-car for an active, sporty ride, and not some minivan, as roomy as it is clumsy.

Now about what is hidden under the well-tailored “suit.” The new Toyota Celica is equipped with one of two power units with a working volume of 1.8 liters. You were not mistaken, just two, because, despite the almost identical number of “cubes”, the motors are still noticeably different. The difference is in the diameter of the cylinders (79 and 85 mm), a different degree of compression (10: 1 and 11: 1), as well as in setting up an electronic control program that manages fuel injection, ignition and the VVT-i valve timing system. The longer-stroke engine is designed for a “quiet” ride, as much as possible with a power reserve of 143 hp.


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