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Toyota Corolla Car

Toyota Corolla Car 1

Toyota Corolla Car

Toyota Corolla

A potential car owner is expected by many pleasant trifles and surprises, and many appreciated all the changes in the car, although he used to be respected enough. This is evidenced by the levels of car sales, and the personal opinion of many motorists and the results of various tests.

But there were critics of the Toyota Corolla car, who complained about the excessive simplicity of the design.

What was done in order to take into account their wishes?

First of all, it should be noted that Toyota has never put a priority on attracting the buyer’s attention with any gloss in the appearance of the car. Greater attention than the design was paid to the technical equipment of the car. And it is for this that the car is very much appreciated by many Russian motorists.

But the creators of the car did not want to lag behind modern trends. This is confirmed by Toyota Corolla eleventh release. What is his trick? First of all, in an attractive bright appearance and dynamic proportions, an increased body length, and a slightly reduced car height. The exterior of the car resembles the exterior of other Toyota models, such as Auris and Rav4.

The American and European versions of the car are slightly different in appearance; the American version of the car is created in the likeness of Corolla Furia.

It should be noted that more noticeable changes in the interior of the car. Lacquered plastic replaced silver. The view inside has become more and more reminiscent of the premium class, and in previous versions it was quite simple. In secluded places, plastic remained stiffer, and in places of frequent contact softer.

The dashboard of the car is optitron with blue backlight and it looks very stylish. The controls and buttons of the car are located very conveniently. The climate control system is regulated in three positions, and the car is purged in three degrees: fast, medium and soft. Radio control is carried out using the touch screen, it is also possible to output other data to it. Using the rear view camera, you get a great image. In general, the elephant gained great elite, but he failed to achieve the bar of class leaders. Despite the good fit of the parts, the quality of the materials is a little low..

There is no problematic robotic gearbox in this model; accordingly, the question of its repair has disappeared. Also not included in the package of this car is a four-speed automatic. Instead, the developers proposed a variator. As a result, the car starts smoothly and moves around the city.


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