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Toyota Crown

Toyota Crown 1

Without keyword

Diagnosis and repair of such a suspension is still considered one of the most difficult types of work..
As he says Alexander Pavlovich Chuvilin ( ), Diagnosis from Moscow, which determined and resolved the malfunction described below:
– Even with many years of experience working with pneumatic systems, there is always something to think about..

The car came to the car service “on tiptoe”.
That is, the pneumatic cylinders were “fully inflated to the stop”.
What usually starts with any diagnosis?
Right, by reading trouble codes. So here: we looked at the available trouble codes and it turned out:
35 – malfunction of the air solenoid valve SLEX .
71 – air suspension shutdown button
73 – generator
*** Fault codes can be determined in several ways, both using a scanner or “manually” – see. Note 1

After reading the trouble codes, it’s finedescribe the system“, because many cars seem to be the same, but inside they may have” discrepancies “, especially in electrical circuits.
“Describe the system” is not only work with a pen and paper.
First of all, it is “cleaning from dust and dirt” of all the necessary wires and connections, spraying them to determine the true color both at the beginning of the chain and at the end, because, for example, under the hood there can be one color of wire, but inside the interior is already different. This often happens, we must remember this, know and apply.
If the sequence of the “system description” and troubleshooting was determined correctly (from the most probable to the less probable), then the searches will be reduced much, as in this case: after cleaning one of the “bundles” of wires from dust and dirt, it was noticed that a separate postings “it seems like not a regular view”.
It turned out that this “wiring” refers to the solenoid valve, complete with a desiccant (“desiccant”).
After the inspection, it became clear that the previous “repair hands” were either in a hurry, or simply did not know how to correctly connect the wires:

Toyota Crown 2

The following figure shows two items:
on the left – “as it was”
on the right – “as it should”

There have already been problems with this valve. A car, and even more so its “wiring” is not eternal. In the previous workshop, we found this malfunction – a broken wire, eliminated the break, but did everything “incorrectly”, as shown in Figure 1 – on the left: the wire was soldered and simply “put into the air”.
And any diagnostician knows that it will be more correct after the wire is connected to do as shown in the same figure – on the right: lead the wire out and “wind” it to the case.
So that in the future, with a possible tension of the wire, it does not break.
Trite, simple, but. as Practice shows, such a thing also occurs. And not so rare.
Second DTC: “Air Suspension Button”.
Both the Legion book and the repair manual provide several possible reasons.
(cm. Note 1).
However, once the “glove box” was opened, the malfunction was immediately “assumed”:

Toyota Crown 3

Yellow arrow – air suspension on / off button
Number 1 – “the mess in the glove compartment”, paper and so on.

This “malfunction” has been accumulating for a long time – as much as it was necessary to collect in the “glove compartment” such a “bunch” of papers and everything else. Then came the “critical moment” – when the “level” of the papers became so large that the next time the “glove compartment” was closed, the papers ceased to fit in and they were “rammed” a little, shifted.
And when closing the crash, they pressed the button, as a result of which the system turned off, that is, its transition to the “service mode”.
Well, the third “malfunction” was not such – in the previous workshop the procedure for reading fault codes was incorrect, it was performed according to the “usual algorithm”, but it would have to be different: if you “read the errors” just with the ignition on, then DTC No. 73 will be required.
Because the air suspension system is active only when the engine is running.

What conclusions can be drawn.
As we can see, there were three trouble codes on this vehicle.
And only one can truly be considered a “trouble code”.
The remaining two were “contributed”:
DTC No. 71 was “provoked” by the Client
DTC No. 73 was incorrectly “recognized” by the previous “service man” and issued to the Customer as an existing DTC, which must be “sought and repaired”.

Note 1: A more detailed description of the diagnostic and repair procedure for this system can be found in the book of the Legion-Avtodata Publishing House

Note 2 : Inside the “glove compartment” are two buttons, left and right. In order not to confuse them, you need to remember that the “service mode button” is located on the left (photo 1), and the trunk open button is on the right. Let’s see and remember not only the appearance, but also the inscriptions:

Service Mode Button – Left

Toyota Crown 4

Trunk Release Button – Right


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