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Toyota D-4S

Toyota D-4S 1

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A little about the beauty of technical solutions

About the fact that technical solutions appeared, where instead of one row two rows of fuel injectors were used, I learned several years ago. First, information slipped through that Nissan planned to use a similar scheme in its small engines, then an article came up on the use of a dual injection system on the Toyota-Subaru family (Toyota GT 86, Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S). And finally, the Audi A5 with the engine of the well-known EA888 series, but this time gen.3, almost fell into my hands. Here, by the way, is a picture illustrating the difference between generation 3 and the previous two:

Toyota D-4S 2

Before I could wash my tears with an unsuccessful acquaintance with the next achievement of the VAG engineers, as fate brought me to Toyotabaru. The only Subaru BRZ in Minsk came to me for diagnosis. Complaints of the owner were about randomly appearing error Р0303 (misfire of the 3rd cylinder). The car was launched in 2012.

And here an explanation is needed. The fact is that cars produced in 2012 had an extremely unpleasant defect, leading to engine failure. How to say it, softer. The usual form of modern gouging, leading to serious consequences. I once wrote about this. Now at the design stage of the car, the “live” tests are replaced by their computer simulation. Fast and cheap. But in real life, this is what happened. The target audience for marketers was drivers who profess an active driving style. So to say “slipper on the floor”, for all the money. And then a surprise awaited them. With the active driving mode, on a run of 15-30 tons, miles began to squeeze the nylon seal of the direct injection nozzles:

Toyota D-4S 3

This is clearly visible in the picture: on the left is the 1st 3rd cylinder, opposite the 2nd 4th. In American forums, there was talk of “they say that we have the wrong gasoline,” painfully resembling discussions of another technical problem in Russian forums. But here is the picture above taken from a Japanese blog (2013). Everything is fine with gasoline. As a result, Toyota TSB appeared:

Toyota D-4S 4

Toyota D-4S 5

In addition to replacing the seals, a new firmware for the control unit was added to the TSB, apparently changing the engine calibrations to less “evil” ones. The problem has lost its former sharpness.

But here Subaru who came to me was already replaced with a warranty in 2013, the engine. By default, we assume that the block calibrations are also changed. What then? Candles and coils were ruled out by previous diagnosticians. I was required to check for leaks on the mechanical side. And also understand what is there with the nozzles. At least approximately, since if the location of the low-pressure nozzles is still relatively accessible, then with a high one everything is not so good. In addition, the installation of a pressure sensor in the spark plug hole was also not possible. And although I am not a strong specialist in the diagnosis of dilution with a piezoelectric sensor (the exact readings depend on many subjective factors), but in this case it was what we needed. Briefly about the essence of this method (I admit that not everyone is in the know):

Toyota D-4S 6

In fact, the theory is multifaceted and extensive, but in our case it was quite enough that when the engine was running at low pressure, idling, the values ​​of the vacuum across the cylinders were identical. When you turn on the high-pressure system, on one of the cylinders (here is a clear definition of the operating procedure for vacuum diagnostics, there is one of the puzzles that I still have to solve) a failure similar to the one shown above occurred. At this point, a scanner connected to the diagnostic port detected misfires in the third cylinder. Conclusion: replacing the nozzle of the third cylinder.

Ten days later, my diagnosis was confirmed..


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