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Toyota Estima Hybrid 10

Toyota Estima Hybrid 10 1

Without keyword

If you and I began to consider problems with the cooling systems of hybrid cars, then let’s look at the most common problem with the cooling system on the example of this beautiful Estima in a 10 body with its owner Dmitry from Yekaterinburg.

Dmitry came to our Hybrid Service with the following problem:

Those. on a scanner in a hybrid system, we see two errors:

P3125 – inverter malfunction
P3130 – malfunction of the inverter cooling system. (by the way, this second mistake is far from always.
Usually, the case ends simply with the burned-out power modules in the inverter, i.e. error P3125).

Accordingly, before replacing the module in the inverter that is burnt out from overheating, we must find the reason for its failure. Those. establish the cause of overheating.

Dmitry cleaned the radiators on his Estima in August last year, when the climate control system failed because of overheating. But we still check their cleanliness – they are crystal clear.
And the problem of overheating in this case is again banal – the inverter cooling pump has failed!
We are interested in Dmitry how much he drove on this pump. The answer was impressive: almost 100,000 km.! The resource of this pump, according to our observations, rarely exceeds 60 -70

Getting to the pump, which is located below the left front spar, is not easy. To do this, remove the protection of the internal combustion engine and the anti-reflective apron of the internal combustion engine. After removing the pump from the bracket, it can be removed from the bowels of the machine to the surface.

And here she is already shot on a workbench:

Check its serviceability is easy enough: measure the resistance of the pump winding. The device shows infinity. So winding in a cliff.

It is useless to repair such a malfunction. Change the pump to a new one.
We install a new power module in the inverter and the machine again pleases its owner Dmitry.

Conclusion: if the resource of your pump has exceeded 60-70, then in order to prevent it, it is better to replace it without waiting for its complete failure, which in most cases leads to failure of an expensive inverter.


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