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Toyota Estima Hybrid (AHR10)

Toyota Estima Hybrid (AHR10) 1

Toyota Estima Hybrid (AHR10)

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Estima in a 10 body is an inexhaustible source of faults!

To repair a hybrid Estima is generally a pleasure. You never know what new malfunction she is preparing.
In the world, probably, there is no more unreliable hybrid than the Estima hybrid in a 10 body.

Typical malfunctions of a hybrid Estima in a 10 body are no longer a secret for all owners. Practically everything breaks down and breaks down in it. Starting from VVB and ending with an inverter, i.e. from the “tip of the nose to the tail” there is not a single reliable site.

But if you don’t surprise anyone with the burned-out “green” inverter module of this hybrid car, then there are a lot of unexpected malfunctions.

Here is an example of one of them:
In our hybrid service from Yekaterinburg, a 10-body Estima was delivered by tow truck. Owner girl. She is categorical:

– I don’t need to do any diagnostics! Change two battery cells at once and that’s it.

Wondered where such accuracy comes from? It turns out that she had already visited two Yekaterinburg car services, where she examined her car, checked and made such a diagnosis.

Replace? Why not? We agree! However, there is a golden rule in good car services: “Do not take a word for anyone.” Anyway, we connect the scanner and see a really bad VVB with Delta RNS = 46% and one more error on ICE-P0335 (engine ICE crankshaft sensor malfunction).

First, we repair Estima’s high-voltage battery (there will be a separate article on its repair).
Upon completion of the VVB repair, we start the car, erase all errors, equalize the high-voltage battery and go on sea trials.

In tests, the VVB performs very well. But on the internal combustion engine error P0335 constantly pops up and the car stalls.
We come to the service and begin to deal with this error..
We connect the dealer scanner and read the errors with the subcode. Error subcode P0335 -204.
Watching Freeze Fram Data.

And we see that there is no signal from the engine crankshaft position sensor.
First of all, we check the crankshaft position sensor itself, it turns out to be working according to all checks.

It seems that the problem is understandable – a malfunction of the crankshaft sensor wiring. We begin the inspection. Everything is “beautiful” on the sensor itself. We go along the wires above and see that the crankshaft sensor connector is bent:

And bent very “unsuccessfully.” The wiring rubs against the sharp casing (cover) of the drive belt of the mounted units. So she “rubbed”:

We make repairs: we solder dangling wires, check the quality of the connection, then the heat shrink tube. And for reliability, a little electrical tape. Here is a photo of the repaired wiring before final packing in the factory wiring harness:

This is how the factory connector should be (feel the difference?).

We start the car – there are no errors. We carry out “sea trials” – everything is in order!
Here is such, as it seems, a very simple repair of another hybrid car.

But there are really no “simple” repairs! Each case is unique, and there really is a place for creativity.

I would like to emphasize this: you have the right to demand from a car service “to do this and that!” Yes, for God’s sake. But it will not be creative work, it is like a robot. And in our car service people work creative. Because it’s interesting to understand: “But is not the second, some other, which is only masked by the first malfunction, hidden behind the first fault?”. This often happens. And if it’s stupid to “work from now on”, then how many cases have there been when, after eliminating one malfunction, it turned out that there is another and the third – they all crawled out after eliminating the first malfunction.

Car repair is not only a job. This is a cool space for creativity.!


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  1. I am thinking of buying an Estima Hybrid. Could you tell me what you mean by ‘an Estima in a 10 body’? What does the “10 body” refer to?
    Many thanks

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