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Toyota Etios Car

Toyota Etios Car 1

Toyota Etios: expanding horizons

Toyota Etios Car 2

Last year, a harmonious image of Totota Etios was introduced in India. The company is promoted by the famous musician Rahman, he is the ambassador and brand face of this product in the car market. The car is a perfect representative of the auto industry, an amazing hatchback, because it has the same excellent qualities as all the Rahman tunes. So it’s a great honor to match the name and quality of work of such a wonderful person.

In all key indicators, the car disputes the primacy and supremacy of Maruti, Tata and Hyundai in the corresponding segment. Her amazing artistry is easily explained by the value from 165,000 to 230,000 UAH. Currently, the proposed four options for the car are in crazy demand among Indian consumers..

To make the appearance of Toyota Etios more attractive, a group of professionals seasoned it with special, attractive details. Its clearly defined bends give the car a certain refined sharpness, but besides this, the plastic case itself has the power to rivet the eyes of both pedestrians and owners of other cars. Colored bumpers add shine and luxury, give a small stylish touch to a simple and restrained appearance.

The basic version of the car is quite simple and has fewer features than its top counterparts, which flaunt fog lights, rear-view mirrors, power steering, etc. To make it able to overcome Indian difficult roads, manufacturers used a high ground clearance of about 170 mm. The appeared Toyota Etios is equipped with a powerful engine with a capacity of 1.5 liters, which works to maintain speed and show the car from the best side. Its maximum production capacity is 89 liters. from. at 132 Nm of torque. It also contains 4 high-tech V-shaped cylinders with an impressive volume of 1496 cc. At the same time, an economical hatchback travels 17 km on the highway and 12 in the city, spending only one liter. In addition, it has a lightweight carburetor of just 900 grams compared to rivals like the Swift Dzire and a 5-speed manual gearbox..

Thus, the car system received has a fully controlled speed and you can safely enjoy the rides. The design is based on an appropriate combination of black, gray and red. Among them, the first is the base, and the rest are added as light strokes.

The creators tried to combine beauty with comfort, which they fully succeeded. Another task was to solve the problem with comfortable seating of passengers. Roomy and spacious interior has all the essential signs of comfort and luxury. It also has high quality safety features so you don’t feel stressed while traveling. After all, if you feel safe, then you can fully enjoy every minute spent driving. Built-in anti-lock braking system (ABS) is the most serious feature that provides maximum safety, the car also has airbags.


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