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Toyota GT 86

Toyota GT 86 1

Toyota GT 86

Toyota GT 86 2

The last three generations of Toyota Celica has received a follower who acts in the category of rear-wheel drive cars in the coupe, which have excellent handling.

Toyota GT 86 was made in collaboration with two automotive companies – Toyota and Subaru. But their creations will still be closer to Toyota. Many motorists know Toyota models such as Toyota MR2 / MR-S, Toyota Supra and Toyota Celica. The largest, most expensive and most powerful of them is Supra. MR2 / MR-S are roadsters or coupes with medium power engines and are designed for 2 people. And Celica is the ideology that the GT 86 inherited..

For such a car, which is made for sports driving enthusiasts, you need to have a manual gearbox, as a person will not feel the full “sports mode” on the machine. But manufacturers were able to make the machine fit perfectly into the image of this car. The automatic gearshift lever switches very softly, and its operation can be described with such words as logical and fast in any mode. The automatic transmission gently shifts gears during normal driving. When you turn on the sport mode, the box disables the up switch and kick-down, which allows you to go by car on the cut-off. Most of all, while the driver rides sideways and takes full pleasure from the rear-wheel drive car. This is easy to do, as the engine has 200 liters. with., with a torque of 205 Nm, which are transmitted to the rear axle, and it, in turn, has narrow tires 215/45 R17. With all this, the stability control system is simply turned off.

Toyota GT 86 was not created in order to be the first to leave the starts at traffic lights, but to get maximum pleasure when cornering. This compartment is very elastic, but at the same moment the joints and seams that are so common on our roads pass silently. The GT 86 responds incredibly quickly to the gas pedal and has a quick response. The steering wheel rotates hard and elastic, but at the slightest turn the car will quickly react and change its trajectory. The 2.0-liter engine and suspension of the car, in which the levers are rotated 180 degrees, is definitely Subaru’s business. Toyota engineers admitted that they have slightly tuned the suspension for a more comfortable ride. But it still does not allow you to compare it with the Subaru BRZ. At the bends of winding roads, there is a roll, but the car goes into a skid gently and confidently, and a little aggressively. But still not like Subaru cars on all-wheel drive.

But, the design of the car does not allow the installation of front axles to create front-wheel or all-wheel drive. Also, Toyota did not install a turbine and intercooler on this car, since a low hood does not have a place for these units. Although there is an opinion that if they really wanted to, they could find a place for them. The Toyota GT 86 is a complete continuation of the concept that was laid down in the Toyota Corolla AE86, namely the excellent balancing of a rear-wheel drive car with an atmospheric engine.


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