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Toyota GT86 CS-R3

Toyota GT86 CS-R3 1

Toyota GT86 CS-R3

Toyota GT86 CS-R3 2

The Japanese automobile company Toyota Motorsport, after completing its development of the new rally car GT86 CS-R3, commented and published information that is scheduled for debut this year. The project was a rear-wheel drive off-road racing car.

The latest test trials were conducted in August 2014, which revealed the flaws of the car. This test was to bring CS-R3 to the last stage of the prototype. The manufacturer conducted an extensive analysis of the design of the car and its optimization, and also followed the development of all the technical components of the rally car. It was necessary to verify the correlation of all technical requirements for car equipment, which in the future is planned to be sold to private teams and competitors.

The new Toyota GT 86 CS-R3 is expected with a 1.9 liter boxer engine and 238 horsepower. Torque will be 230 Nm at 6.800 rpm. The rally car will be equipped with a six-speed sequential transmission.

The car is being prepared for sale and the manufacturer promised to release the first models in 2015. The Japanese company Toyota several times postponed the release date of the rally car, but this should not adversely affect the final version of its car. Transferring the date of receipt of a car for sale is always additional time given for testing and testing, which will help to finalize and bring the car to perfect condition.

Moreover, due to the necessary postponement of the date of receipt of the car for sale, Toyota promised an introductory discount on CS-R3 of up to 79,000 euros for everyone who manages to pre-order a month before the release. In other words, future car owners who pre-ordered the rally car will be able to save five thousand euros from the standard price of eighty-four thousand. The manufacturer also warned that the price category will be the same for both the asphalt version and the gravel one.

The vehicle equipment will include a GT86 body, an engine and all the components necessary for assembly. FIA R3 certificates will be confirmed in early summer, after which the rally car will have the right to participate in international and national rally competitions, as well as in the World Cup.

In conclusion, it’s worth conveying the words of Nico Ehlert, who is the chief engineer of the company: “We put a huge amount of effort into conducting tests and various tests in order to create a reliable, fast and safe car for fans and fans of our brand”.


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