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Toyota Highlander

Toyota Highlander 1

Toyota Highlander

Toyota Highlander 2

Toyota’s strategy is well thought out today. Unlike other concerns that are trying to occupy one niche of the market, they occupy everything so that buyers have no choice wherever their car is included. A similar policy for Peugeot and Citroen (crossovers not peculiar to them). New Toyota Highlander Segment Between Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Venza Family.

Toyota marketers accurately describe their customers: 50% are men from 42 years old with a wife and two children. The car appreciates a powerful engine and a solid appearance; 25% – 45 years old for lovers of big cars for little money; 25% are 33 year old lovers of technical innovations.

The company’s slogan is now: “Toyota is striving for the best!”. It is worth noting that in the Toyota Highlander there are a lot of elements from the Lexus RX (the rear suspension is multi-link, the Crossover has become front-wheel drive, and the rear ones are towed by an electrofusion coupling when towing – fuel economy.

A good impression starts from a glance at the interior. Superior finishes are combined with excellent ergonomics. The car is equipped with ventilation of the front seats, rear heating, 3-zone climate control, blind spot monitoring system and much more. In the Highlander of the North American market there is a car holding in the lane, automatic braking systems with active cruise control, which will not be on the Russian market.

The difference in the engine is great: a four-cylinder 2.7 liter and 185 hp; 3.5 liters vs 249 hp.

Engine 2.7 hp front-wheel drive. On the track it is worse controlled, it makes noise at the first engine revs. Manufacturers are hinting that it is better to purchase 3.5 liters.

Toyota Highlander is primarily a family car, which means it should be economical. Consumption on the highway from 9.9l to 10.6l, with mixed driving 12l-13l.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that Toyota is a brand that is capable of selling itself. In the basic version of Toyota Highlander – 1,760 thousand, in the top – 2,291 thousand. According to the company, it plans to sell about 11 thousand cars.


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