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Toyota – Installation – Zero point – EUR

Toyota - Installation - Zero point - EUR 1

Without keyword

The car came with a noise in the steering column.

When parsing it turned out:
“The fuel boat, broken, the column was folding – disassembled, was not assembled correctly”.

After replacing 4 bearings (2 on the steering shaft, 2 on the “worm”),
the car began to move arbitrarily to the right.
Attempted adaptation led to code 15 on PRIUS and shutdown of EMPS.
The code is “active” and was not deleted either by the scanner or by jumpers.
Alexander Isaev deleted the code by reprogramming, but after repeated
adaptation code 15 appeared again.
After comparing DATA STREAM (from a “working” car and a car under repair, as well as DATA from the literature, the following thoughts appeared:
“When the steering shaft bearings were re-pressed, the axial displacement of the shaft relative to the sensors occurred“.

DATA STREAM Serviceable car. Auto repair

TRQ 3 zero 2.69v 3.10v

TRQ 2 zero 2.59v 2.75v

TRQ 1 zero 2.57v 2.79v

DATA STREAM from factory repair literature provided by
Alexander Isaev:

TRQ 3 zero 1.9 – 3.1v

TRQ 2 zero 2.2 – 2.8v

TRQ 1 zero 2.2 – 2.8 v

Values ​​1 and 2 – information from the sensors when the steering position is zero

shaft value 3, obviously, calculated with the computer (when moving the sensors relative to the shaft, the thought belonged to A. Isaev, rearrangement of the spring washer) .

DATA STREAM car repair:

TRQ 3 zero 2.59v

TRQ 2 zero 2.63v

TRQ 1 zero 2.54v

Everything worked, even without adaptation.

How exactly is the meaning explained TRQ … but what voltage

changes with a change in steering effort – exactly.

There are only 2 sensors on the column, TRQ 1 and TRQ2, hence the idea that TRQ 3 is the value that the computer calculates.


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