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Toyota iQ car

Toyota iQ car 1

Toyota iQ – a safe city car with excellent optional equipment

Toyota iQ car 2

Toyota iQ is a compact car that will certainly be in demand by residents of cities. Among the advantages of this car, it is worth noting the best-in-class level of security provided, extensive optional equipment, the presence of modern, innovative solutions in the design of the exterior and interior.

Interior, options

In the iQ salon, there is everything you need to fit in it with the greatest possible comfort. Thanks to the large, 2000 mm wheelbase, the interior of the machine provides a lot of space. The salon is designed for four adults and there will still be room for a child on the back sofa. Armchairs in iQ are made out of fabric with genuine leather inserts. Under the rear passenger seats there is a niche where you can put oversized items, which will be very important since in the car in question the luggage compartment is only 32 liters. Although this space can be expanded to 238 liters.

In our country, iQ is supplied only in the Prestige package. It includes the Smart Entry and Push Start electronic complex, which controls access to the car and engine start by pressing a button. Armchairs are provided with heating, the steering wheel is sheathed in leather, wipers and lights are automatically switched on by a signal from special sensors. Toyota iQ is sold in ten body colors. Plus, you can additionally purchase branded vinyl stickers and due to them give the body more personality.

Powertrain parameters, safety features

Toyota iQ is equipped with a 98-horsepower gasoline unit, which is provided by Stop & Start. It will help to save a lot of fuel during the operation of the machine in a city. The specified engine operates with a variator. The average fuel consumption when driving on city streets is five liters. Please note that iQ implements an original technical solution for installing a gas tank. It is very flat and is mounted directly under the bottom of the car..
When developing the car body, Toyota specialists were able to create a frame that effectively resists dynamic loads. Thus, even without active protection in the event of an accident, the body will not be excessively deformed. But, getting into an accident on Toyota iQ will be difficult, since all the actions of the driver are monitored by numerous electronic systems. They will not let you get off the lane, go into a skid on a bend or on slippery road surfaces, stop the car in front of an obstacle.


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