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Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Brownstone

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Brownstone 1

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Brownstone

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Brownstone 2

How often did you ask yourself what a car should be for a city? It’s not often, and if you think about it, the first thing that comes to mind is a small and compact nimble car, but I dare to reassure you this is not at all the case. There is a beautiful car model, without it it is simply impossible to be in the city – the name of this handsome man is Toyota Land Cruiser 200. Many can be upset, the car is not a novelty on the market, but a limited batch of Brownstone novelties has appeared, it would be necessary to check it in practice. So what are we waiting for?

What are the features of this limited edition? The black headlights and the same grille, roof rails “silver”, a new footrest and a very expensive leather interior, these are probably all the differences. Or maybe the car can surprise not only with the stern “look” of black headlights?

The car interior has been constant for many years, it is very outdated, as well as multimedia, but the designers are still true to their idea and this has its advantages, the car is recognizable and loved. The ergonomic qualities of the car are also far from ideal, the landing is high, the steering wheel is low and no adjustment can save you from this, the position is saved by an excellent speaker system, it perfectly gives out bass and rhythms.

The second row of seats pleases with the presence of space – no matter how strange it sounds, but if you try, then 4 passengers can easily fit here! The chairs in the trunk are clearly intended for children, but this is an absolutely superfluous option – one would have to get rid of it, although it might be to someone’s taste. It’s worth saying separately about the trunk, if you fold the second row of seats, then it’s easy to fit a two-year supply of diapers – it’s impressive, is it not true, and this is as many as 30 boxes.

The car is big, but the landing is high and therefore there are no problems with the overview, you can see the hood and even a child can determine the distance to the car ahead.

The presence of cameras and mirrors is so thought out that you can see everything around the car in almost 100% of the possible options, is this not a guarantee of the success of driving around the city?

Now let’s check how the car moves. A diesel engine with a 4.5-liter turbine is a powerful beast under the hood. Acceleration of a car weighing 2.6 tons to 100 km is fast in less than 9 seconds, impressive, and the maximum speed of 210 km / h for such an SUV is also pleasing.

Despite its dimensions, the car is maneuverable and nimble, as well as frisky. The machine is so easy to operate that you just relax behind the wheel.


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