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Toyota Land Cruiser 200 SUV – Developed Territories

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 SUV - Developed Territories 1

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 SUV – Developed Territories

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 SUV - Developed Territories 2

It is recommended to carry out real tests of such cars as Land Cruiser on real heavy off-road, it is on it that the car can fully reveal its technical potential.

But even in cities, this large SUV is used with pleasure by almost any segment of the population, from high-ranking officials to small entrepreneurs. Quite often, cars are used in various escorts, driving along with Mercedes-Benz, slightly inferior to them in price and charismatic habits. Recall that the minimum cost of the Cruiser 200 in the basic configuration, after the last restyling, ranges from 92 to $ 95 thousand, depending on the type of power plant (gasoline, diesel).

Although experts are inclined to believe that restyling has made purely cosmetic changes in the exterior of the SUV, the new version of the Land Cruiser is difficult to confuse with other generations of the car. First of all, the headlights in which the LED daylight was installed, both front and rear. In the second, front bumper and grille, which acquired new lines. The display between the devices that control speed and distance is now colorized, and the monitor displays everything that happens around the car, reproducing information received from security cameras, which, among the “Japanese”, for some time, only the Lexus LX could boast of.

But the changes that have occurred in the power unit of the SUV are more noticeable. To replace the engine, 4.7 cubic meters. and automatic transmission (5 positions) was a gasoline power unit 309 “horses” 4.6 cubic meters. with automatic transmission (6 positions). This “couple” already had a chance to show themselves, providing an unprecedented demand for the Lexus GX 460, very similar to the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. In diesel versions, the automatic gearbox adjustments were completely updated, and the engine (4.5 / 235 forces) was not modernized, and this, in fact, was not required.

Reasoning sensibly, the diesel engine in this heavy SUV looks more productive, it is especially effective when driving on sand or marshy terrain. It produces peak torque (615 Hm) already at 1.8 thousand revolutions, so it overcomes all the difficulties of the road without the slightest stress, you only have to use the Crawl Control system, turning on one of its modes, and taking control of the speed of the car. The machine does not heel on a deep rut, thanks to the damping elements with variable stiffness, and the high ground clearance allows you to get out of it at any time without any damage to the bottom.

But the gasoline unit also has its advantages. For example, it is much preferable when driving on the highway faster, softer and more dynamic. Although, to the 1st hundred, it accelerates in just 3 seconds. more temperamental than diesel does. And since off-road driving is designed for the amateur nowadays, it is advisable to give preference to the gasoline version, which is more comfortable and cheaper when buying.

Modernization of SUVs of a class such as Toyota Land Cruiser is always fraught with a certain degree of risk. By introducing some kind of innovation, you can lose something proven and important, but in the case of the current restyling everything worked out.


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