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Toyota Land Cruiser 200 with minor updates!

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 with minor updates! 1

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 with minor updates!

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 with minor updates! 2

There are few people on this planet who are not familiar with the Toyota Land Cruiser 200. This is an absolutely “unkillable” and ready for various adventures car, from now on that has also received slightly redesigned engines. It is interesting that the Japanese already buy and ride on the restyled version, and our motorists will be able to do this only in the fall. The novelty has acquired a few fresh external outlines, the motors have been corrected, adjusted to the required standards, because the SUV looks better wherever you look. The most important thing is that the developers did not fundamentally change the existing set of system capabilities, adapt to the road conditions, in addition, some chips were also added!

The main attraction of the updated Kruzak is a 4.5 liter diesel engine with turbines. Due to the fact that some small parts have been replaced, as well as a slightly redesigned engine control unit, now this miracle will be able to produce 272 horses. Despite the increased power, they decided not to affect the torque, stopping at the previous mark of 650 Nm. The gasoline engine, which was here before, has not changed, offering the user its 308 horses, along with a torque of 439 Nm. Its dynamics, as for such a large SUV, are not bad, at least no one is positioning this car as a sports solution. The acceleration is at the level of 8.6 seconds, well, a decent maximum of 205 km / h, and all this against the background of the fact that this motor was nevertheless adjusted to the Euro – 5 format. Of the new systems that are pronounced against the background of the old ones, the driver will have a lot of interesting security features. There is a warning about the probability of a collision, and a special system that will keep the car in the lane. Also, a big plus is adaptive cruise control. A definite plus for multimedia lovers is the 9-inch display. For someone who really wants to enter the modern world, wireless charging on a smartphone is offered – it’s quite convenient.

The new, if I may say so, Toyota Land Cruiser 200 will become better in appearance using redrawn optics and bumpers. But, no matter what, in front of us is still the very reliable, even slightly family-owned SUV, suitable for very long trips, especially in a large company, fortunately, the third row of seats allows you to make such trips. Well, and most importantly – the desire of developers to leave their brainchild at a level.


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