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Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 1

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I was very disappointed with the car diagnostician from the city of Elektrostal Nitochkin Alexey Viktorovich. When I heard from him that “now Toyota has begun to give in to chip tuning,” I got ready, went to clarify the details. I arrived. I looked. I talked and. remained disappointed. Well, in order.

This car is a Toyota Land Cruiser 200 turbo diesel. :

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 2

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 3

Arrived at the car service to fix such problems:
– unstable idling
– power loss
And, accordingly, the “uncomfortable driving”

The reason for the customer’s claims was found out after an instrumental check:

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 4

As can be assumed from the screen above, the “uncomfortability” of the operation of the machine was provoked by the EGR system. I will not waste your time and talk in detail about the EGR system, you can read about it here: Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system, EGR – 1 system, EGR – 2 system

I will say more briefly: the EGR system is an “ecological” system and is needed in order to return some of the exhaust gases back to the intake manifold, where the exhaust gases are mixed with “clean” air, as a result of which the combustion temperature of the fuel-air mixture decreases and its airborne toxicity.

It was said above that “before Toyota cars did not respond to chip tuning.” To “improve power and speed performance” was used another, for example, the so-called “RS_chip module”

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 5

However, after reading the scientific explanation for this module: “The main fuel consumption occurs when the car is accelerated, and the savings are due to the fact that the acceleration time to achieve the required speed is reduced. That is, the consumption at one point in time becomes a little longer, but since it takes less time to accelerate, overall savings are achieved “, comes the understanding that this is not chip tuning, but” something incomprehensible. “But attractive to the” broad masses of motorists “.

And so as not to torment the reader for a long time, I’ll give a link where it is written clearly and similarly about such “improvers of responsiveness and lower fuel consumption”:
CHIP TUNING. Truth and Fiction.
Part 1: “Chip tuning. Pedal Booster”
Part 2. “Chip tuning. V-tech Tuning PowerBOX Diesel”
Part 3. “Chip tuning. EcuSafe”
Part 4: “How Chip Tuning Really Happens”

And I’ll definitely highlight the essence of the chip tuning itself, and our conversation about our car Toyota Land Cruiser 200 turbo diesel : “How chip tuning really happens”.
1. Manually. In manual mode.
2. Considering the features of a particular car according to its “old age”, mileage and other factors.
3. The algorithm for operating the same diesel particulate filter is manually changed, for example, as is done in vehicles officially delivered to Russia without diesel particulate filters – this is the principle by which chip tuning should be carried out, and not by “bluntly cutting off the error mask”.
4. No “automatic programs”.
5. No “left” or stolen firmware from unclear who “.

So, we settled on the fact that the instrumental check of the car Toyota Land Cruiser 200, turbo-diesel , detected EGR errors. Examination of EGR system.

Inconvenient: everything is under the intercooler:

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 6

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 7

Checking the EGR valves showed: “Either change to new ones. Or shut them down programmatically and save the car owner from future problems with the EGR valve from coking the intake manifold with exhaust fumes.” The client chose the second option.

Identities (identification protocols) of the control unit:

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 8

The most inconvenient thing is to get to the control unit:

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 9

It is not located in a convenient location. Before removing it, it is necessary to unscrew and take aside the box of intermediate connectors:

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 10

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 11

After removing the control unit, it is inspected:

And further, with the help of:

The stock (factory) firmware is read and the necessary actions for programmatically shutting down the EGR system and changing anything else according to the wishes of the client.

Previously, such cars (Toyota) did not lend themselves to chip tuning, now such an opportunity has appeared: they managed to persuade the control unit to make friends with “TOYOTA – LEXUS ECU FLASHER”.

And my disappointment is this: it was thought that if for so many years no one could get to such control units and “chip” them, then the technology will be extraordinary. But as it turned out, the principles of chip tuning have not changed, everything remains within the framework of the previous algorithms.

Photos: from the service center of Nitochkin Aleksey Viktorovich (tel. +7 (916) 279-31-14), Elektrostal, Prospect Mira d. 27-a, building of an auto repair center, “Auto Technical Center Good Hands”, Union of Automotive Diagnostics)

You can read more on the topic of the issue under discussion on the Legion-Avtodata company’s Internet portal in the Chip Tuning. Programming section (45 copyright articles).


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