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Toyota Land Cruiser 80

Toyota Land Cruiser 80 1

Repair Toyota Land Cruiser – 80, part 1, it’s not even worth introducing you our new Author. You know him in Our Forum as a moderator of the section under the nickname “Werner”.
It is easy to write, easy to read, and, most importantly, it understands everything that they are told.

The interest of a car service client is restoring the value of a personal car.

When a car service owns the technology of “resurrecting” the technical and functional characteristics of a car and exposes real (nowadays fashionable) money for services, both of these entities should be satisfied. What is this technology? What the client pays for?

Take “not the last” and, by the way, not such a rare (at least in Vladivostok) car service guest – a Toyota Land Cruiser 80 car, and talk about repairing it.

I myself am a repairman, I work on the transmission. Therefore, I propose my own theme – repair of the front axle.
The front axle is a rather problematic knot, and the rather famous “hemorrhoids”.

Most workshops are engaged in the replacement of “felt” (repair kits (Fig. 1) a set of seals, oil seals rotary fists):

Fig. 1 (small and large repair kits)

,- besides the axle shaft seals:

“Globalize” (capital) is not taken. Although, perhaps not, they are taken, of course. It turns out here only for everyone in different ways. The “hygienic” overhaul and overhaul are somewhat different, in fact, differ in labor and material costs and, accordingly, the following characteristics at the output.
Such, for example, an approach to business, such as: “Yes, I’ll slam this problem with the goats,” he doesn’t always “roll”.

And it leaves behind a lot of problems, both morally and materially. The problem is, as a rule, the lack of qualified gearbox repair technicians. But the gearbox can be changed, for example, to the “contract” option. Although from the ones provided for inspection of contractual gears, one also sometimes has to reject the “problematic” ones, and this implies the presence of a certain qualification. Difficulties can also be caused by the assessment of the condition of the bridge components as a whole.

Let’s go beyond the usual replacement of seals and go over the bridge completely. I will tell you how I understand this repair myself. The book of the Legion-Avtodata Publishing House (see /goodsinfo.osg?> EPS-pictures “and some photographs taken by me (and most of the photos remains for subsequent articles) will help us in our conversation..

Maybe someone wants to correct me or express their opinion.
I would like to read your opinion with interest!
This would be a step towards the development of repair technology. Meet me at the forum

How it usually happens.

Let’s say you are the owner of the Cruiser. So, riding your “iron horse”, you notice that the “horse” is indeed an iron one. Rather, you agree that the iron clang that, as you think, is heard from under the “horse” “belly”, and the blows in the transmission on the change of “gas” – is something abnormal, unpleasant and, possibly, emergency. Having asked me, or having behaved for advertising, you are already applying for (let it be the closest to the house the most convenient option) car service.

Describing the repair itself further, I will try, whenever possible, to affix approximate prices for the parts. “Technologies” are different. Perhaps someone will come in handy. On the other hand, after reading the description of the repair and looking at the prices, a person will not be too worried that he will be “divorced”. Let the approximate prices given help you simply calculate your capabilities before the upcoming repair.

Let’s hear the customer’s complaint again. The wording will be approximately as follows:

  • When switching from forward to reverse, or vice versa. There is a blow in the transmission, a metallic clang is heard.
  • When driving, if reset, then add “gas”. There is a blow in the transmission, a metallic clang is heard.

The wheels seem to be late behind the “gas” pedal, if the “gas” is reset, then add.

If you enable the center differential lock, then the shock, the sound is reduced.

It is possible that, after listening to someone else’s recommendation, the client even bought a cardan ($ 150 for a second-hand one, a new one for an order, at purchase prices $ 350-400, taking into account the interests of stores it will be pulled under 600) or a cross (in the store, from the counter $ 50-55 – the original, 500 rubles – “analogue”), and even a razdatku ($ 300 for a second-hand – it’s real for Vladivostok, if you try), you can get it. From here we will begin to “dance”.

Check the condition of the crosses and splined joints of the universal joints, of course, it is necessary. These are the primary checks that should not be neglected. The Eighties have been around for several years, and in most of them the universal joints have not changed and have backlashes. From the “broken” slot. connection there is a knock on the change of “gas”, when starting off, but on shifting gears. More ringing. But the heavy “peal” – the feeling that the body and transmission with wheels live differently, i.e. first you give or dump “gas” (in the sense of a pedal, control the supply of fuel), then the wheels catch up with the car, or leave the car — there will be no such sensation. Syringe syringe suppresses knock. Just do not fill the grease so much that then the “plug” (Fig. 3) will be knocked out:

Fig. 3 (propeller shaft and plug location)

On the working cardan you can see the position to which it “compresses” during operation. It is possible (at least on one side) to disconnect, fold (squeeze) the universal joint and squirt it until it spreads to this position under lubricant pressure. All. No more. Permissible, I think, can be considered a circumferential gap of up to 0.5 mm. Further, the greater the backlash, the greater the knock, but I must go to replace the cardan at a cost for “five-wheel drive” when there is an exact conviction that the cardan sound is “annoying”. From a crumbling crosspiece there will be a ringing, a blow, and a “peal” at the change of “gas”, and what is especially distinctive is vibration. Already so much has been said on the crosses! Crosses are checked in all planes for the presence of backlash, and it would be even better if you disconnect the universal joint and check the crosses for the presence of a “bite”. The turning of the “glasses” of the crosses in the openings of the forks of the cardan joints (determined by the rust in the joint, and by probing) is considered unacceptable. But you can leave such a gimbal until the time when there is an acceptable replacement (used, unsolved version, for example). Let me remind you that the crosspiece is showing its “unhealthiness” by the fact that it pours rust on a sick spike, creaks and reacts to rain. Again, the little things can be muffled by extrusion (for example, as a diagnostic measure). Recall about the razdatka brought. I do not deny, it is possible that she will be guilty. But, as a rule, her condition is satisfactory. Or, with a more pronounced wear of the bridge, one has to agree with the idea that it is impossible to cover everything at a time, and direct priority injections of funds into problems that cannot be delayed in resolving them. Also, having brought that very razdatka, in addition they can say: – “Yes, we just went over the bridge.” Sometimes, after the “where to climb” debate, “unbelievers” became convinced only after opening the bridge, when emergency parts lay before their eyes. It is difficult to make a decision when the entire transmission “saw the views” in its lifetime and knocks, clangs, claps literally everything. Priorities for repairs are safety, then trouble-free, then failure-free, then convenience and comfort. “The figs are comfortable with him, just not to get up.” Figs with him, if I get up, just not to “fall apart”. But “crashing” – in general, “darkness.” God forbid. Pah, pah, pah. ” Just spitting a little. It is necessary to take measures in time and prevent. When everything is booming or buzzing, people who do not understand it, sometimes they just “think out” what needs to be repaired (as a rule, something that is easier and cheaper to repair). And coming to the workshop, they persistently move this version of themselves. They say: “Look, look (or listen)!” So she ran! Catch her soon! Give the bastard. ” Nude, Nude. We will just carefully and professionally do our job. And professionally politely “send” such “diagnosticians” so as not to confuse and interfere.

Let us turn all this scribble into a short phrase – “without sufficient diagnostic experience, do not rely on hearing”, and look for simpler and more effective methods. It is better to operate with physical quantities than subjective sensations..

At all, in work better to operate to all, as in a fight – hit with your hands, hit with your feet, if necessary – tear with your teeth. Yes, over the years you can, let’s say, learn to regulate by ear. Bearings, the main pair at different settings “sing” differently. It’s possible to rebuild the gearbox quite accurately without the speaker and indicator. But first, the hands should “tune in” and gain “memory”. I have been working for several years, and I have something “for my soul”, but I work with a speaker, indicator, paint. It is possible, for example, to defect the damper of a disk by shaking, by sound, and you can test it without removing the gearbox. To whom it will be important, you can ask me “for the conversation”. And someone may have their own “exotic” diagnostic methods, and this someone will even want to share something with us (I wrote about the forum above and E – mail). I repeat again: It is better to operate with physical quantities than subjective sensations.. To someone who does not understand what I want to say about the futility of conversations based on someone else’s “feelings”, I will try to buzz as the emergency gearbox buzzes. Put your ear to the monitor. .

Sergey Nozdrin ( Werner ), Vladivostok
© Legion Avtodata


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