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Toyota Land Cruiser – SUV

Toyota Land Cruiser - SUV 1

Toyota Land Cruiser - SUV

Toyota Land Cruiser – SUV Superiority

For Russia, a car like the Toyota Land Cruiser is truly a cult car. This SUV was created in the last century, but still enjoys great success. It can be used to transport officials, for personal purposes. What is so special about this SUV?

The car has a few rough forms. You will not see anything special in it. But the quality and ergonomics are top notch. Outside it is massive. The eight-cylinder engine is able to please 235 hp. Acceleration is achieved in 8.9 seconds. If we talk about the maximum speed, then it will be 208 km / h. Fuel consumption for an SUV is quite normal – 10.2 liters. All-wheel drive system will also please the buyer. In practice, an SUV does an excellent job off-road. Modern suspension also has a positive effect on handling.

Of course, the cost of an SUV is amazing – 2,999,000 rubles. But for such money the buyer receives not only a high level of cross-country ability. Security is thought out to the smallest detail. For passengers 10 airbags are provided. Emergency braking is provided. The car perfectly performs the ascent and descends from the mountain. There is heating for the seats, so in winter it will be comfortable in the cabin.

If you choose the top version of Land Cruiser, you will have to pay 4,285,000 rubles. In it, the buyer will find 18-inch wheels, there will be a third row of seats, an electric sunroof. The interior will be leather upholstery. There are roof rails on the roof. The steering wheel, seats and mirrors are heated. The SUV of the top version will delight you with a satellite anti-theft system. So the car costs that much money and it’s almost impossible to find a suitable competitor in the world market. The buyer has the opportunity to choose a complete set.


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