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Toyota LC Prado 150

Toyota LC Prado 150 1

Without keyword

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150
KDSS (Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System) does not work
Practical guide.

To repair something – you need to know that you will repair.
Therefore, we open the Internet, search, read, study:
Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS)
Toyota Land Cruiser 150 – KDSS (Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System)
KDSS on Land Cruiser 200

The Kinetic Suspension Stabilization System (KDSS) controls the anti-roll bars to ensure stability and smooth running off-road (off-road). In addition, the system minimizes roll in corners. The system is hydraulic but electronically controlled.

Toyota LC Prado 150 2

Receiving information from related sensors and depending on road conditions, this system can quickly change the characteristics of anti-roll bars

Toyota LC Prado 150 3

The KDSS system consists of:
– one hydraulic cylinder located on the front and rear anti-roll bars
– two hydraulic circuits connecting the over- and sub-piston spaces of the hydraulic cylinders
– hydraulic cylinders act as a support for the front and rear stabilizers. When passing sharp and high-speed turns on asphalt, the pistons cannot move towards each other
– KDSS rigidly ties anti-roll bars to the body and effectively fights vehicle roll
– when leaving on a difficult road terrain, the pistons freely move towards each other. The rigid connection of the stabilizers with the body disappears, thereby the suspension works more freely.

I doubt that you have so much time that you want to spend it on a professional study, for example, of the constructive component of the KDSS system:

Toyota LC Prado 150 4

At the Legion-Avtodata company forum, on the Internet and beyond, very often comes across such an expression: “Electronics is the science of contacts.” Therefore, I propose to move on to the next step (“second step” – the realization of the understanding that “everything complex begins with the simplest”).

Since you already know approximately the structure of the system and approximately can identify the main components of the system, start with the most difficult in the simplest – with system management.

But do not think about simple or deep electronics, repairing the KDSS system is elementary! Look under the body. Define one of the main subjects related to the KDSS system, here it is:

Toyota LC Prado 150 5

In the photo you see the shot connector. Do not be too lazy to look inside, there can be something extremely interesting – we look! And we see:

Toyota LC Prado 150 6

We don’t see anything here. But we’re not upset and we don’t give up. In addition to this connector, there is also a “response” connector. We look and see:

Toyota LC Prado 150 7

Did you see? Let’s take a closer look so as not to make a mistake and get a reason for joy and pride:

Toyota LC Prado 150 8

This is the so-called “greens”, in another way, “oxidation”, that is, the cause of the malfunction is found.

As you can see, the malfunction of such a complex system as KDSS is found, and to fix it shortly if you have the right hands and brains.

In exactly the same way, you can easily repair other, most complex systems and devices, from the “engine interruption” malfunction to the C2540 error in a Prius hybrid car.
The main thing is to read more online. Everything is on the Internet.
Who knows, maybe you are lucky to repair the C2540 error in a hybrid car by cleaning or replacing certain contacts in a specific place?
Remember that studying electronics, knowing Ohm’s law and other wisdom is a completely unnecessary activity for someone who has firmly understood that “electronics is the science of contacts,” and “car diagnostics are very easy!”.

The main thing to know:
– where can this contact be
– Does this contact relate to the problem that causes the specific malfunction
– what malfunctions can this contact provoke during oxidation
– whether any contact is a “cause” of the malfunction, or is this contact a “consequence”
– what tools are needed to measure voltage, resistance, current or other necessary parameters (if you don’t know what “current”, “voltage” and something else do not cheer up! All unfamiliar words are what’s running inside the car “,” spinning “or” measuring. “The success of the client lies in a thorough knowledge of the concept of” approximately “.
Well, a dozen or two dozen similar and simple conditions
Remember that “Car Diagnostics is Easy!”.


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